You are in the Wild Wood - a deep and ancient forest on Oerth. The smell of the forest is all about you, the sounds of birds in your ears. The mystic portal you stepped through seems to have vanished, leaving you alone. This worries you, yet... The forest is so quiet and peaceful. Perhaps there is no danger, after all.

Bucking up your courage, you look about you. A small path seemed to lead deeper into the forest. You shrug - it seems as good a direction to go as any - and follow it.

Hours pass, and yet no sign of others do you see. Still, you have the feeling you are being watched... A feeling which intensifies as the moments pass. You stop, your senses now alert for danger, and look about you carefully. As you peer about in the deep gloom of the forest, a strange creature quietly steps from behind a nearby tree.

It is a mustelid - to your eyes, it appears very much like a weasel, walking on it's hind legs. Yet, it is no mere weasel, or any other animal you've ever seen before. Your astonished eyes notice that the creature is garbed in green-dyed leather trousers and tunic, and bears a knife at it's hip.

"I am Byarl, Chief of the Musties of the Wild Wood. Who are you, and what do you want?"


You tell the creature your name and then say...

- "I want to learn more about the Oerth saga!"

- "I want to learn how I can read the stories!"

- "I'm scared, lemme outta here!"