Pandora's Box(c)


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So, you want to know more about me?


Well, alright. =)


I am thirty-seven, happily married for thirteen years, no children, and live in a small college town in Southeastern New Mexico famous only for the production of Valencia peanuts.  I am self-educated with a smattering of military and college experience of no real consequence or importance, I've never been arrested nor comitted any crime more serious than a parking violation. I don't do drugs nor do I drink, but I do smoke. I have self-published my own paper & pencil roleplaying-game system, which is currently out-of-print.  I write novels, compose and perform music for my novels in MIDI and Mp3 format (click HERE to listen to some of my compositions), but otherwise live the life of a hermit. That is probably all I want the public to ever know about me, as my life is really so incredibly dull that knowing more about me actually detracts from the reading enjoyment of my work.


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I call this my
"Hemingway Pose"


My novel, Pandora's Box, is available now from Ebooks - I hope you enjoy it. =)


- Jim Farris