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Are you a Reader or Fan wondering about my quote
in the New York Post (11/29/00) regarding Stephen King and "The Plant"?
Click here to read an open letter written to subscribers of my own e-serial,
"The Oerth Cycle", regarding that quote.

I also maintain the genaeology website of my late father-in-law, Chester R. Johnson (d. April 2001)
He was a professional genealogist who did research on several families, including:
Adams - Ballard - Barnes - Bay - Blake - Blakes of England - Peter Blake - Carney - Cason-Beadles - Dameron/Damron - Damrell - Dearing/Deering - Hugh Donaghe - Dunning - Easley - Gillespie - Guffey - Hamilton - Hudson - Johnston/Johnson - David Lewis Sr. - David Lewis Jr. - Moon - Morris - Parker - Pettit - Phillips - Pratt - Satterfield - Shiflett - Smith - Stockton - Terrell


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