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*** I believe there may be another book or two fore coming about the amazing universe that Jim Farris has created. This is NOT a story you will ever delete, Readers! One word of warning though: This is a long book! Over 700 pages. However, the price is low and you MORE than get your money's worth! I found it to be exciting and was riveted from the beginning. Highly recommended reading! ***

- Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews



"4 1/2 Stars -- In "Pandora's Box" Jim Farris has written an intriguing and compelling book that takes place in the distant future. The three major stories deal with the melding of robotic and human societies. The martial robots of Earth, the mixed society of robots and humans of an abandoned Mars colony where robots and humans interact in every area of life and the robots and humans of several colonies where robots are second-class citizens. The problems encountered in meshing these divergent groups are fascinating and make for a great read... If you enjoy science fiction, then pick up "Pandora's Box."

- Janet Lane Walters, Scribe's World Reviews



"An epic saga that spans the next 2,500 years of human history, "Pandora's Box" makes twists and turns depending on the level of logic available to the various AI units. In a way, this is really the story of the rise of AI from being a smart tool to a position of equality with humans and full acceptance into society.

Formatted as a series of four novellas connected by common themes and characters, Farris has crafted a memorable and enjoyable journey through the future... All in all, "Pandora's Box" is a great story and well worth reading."

- John Coon, Inscriptions Magazine



"Evocative, captivating and haunting, Jim Farris' "Pandora's Box" grabs the reader on page one and then it's the reader's turn to hold on tight for the literary ride of their life. Farris weaves a spell and transports the reader into a world of his creation that will long be remembered. Two thumbs--way up, because I want to hitch a ride on Mr. Farris' writing again."

- Leta Nolan Childers, Best-selling author of "The Best Laid Plans"



My novel, Pandora's Box, is available now from Ebooks - I hope you enjoy it. =)

- Jim Farris