"I Love the Rose Cursors! How do I get them?!"

Well, the cursors on my pages are free. If you want to have the same thing on your pages, go to http://www.livecursors.com - you can get the exact same red and yellow rose cursors you see on these pages from there from their "Nature" selection, and it's free.


"But I want the roses on my computer, too!"

Well, if you have Win95 or later, I have a zip file of rose cursors here - red, yellow, orange, pink, white, even blue and black. There's also an animated, flashing one for the 'busy' cursor on your desktop, a rose with a question mark for your 'help' cursor, and a rose with a 'no' symbol through it for the 'unavailable' cursor. Here is a picture that shows you what each of the roses looks like, one at a time:

How to use them:

Just unzip this file to your c:/windows/cursors directory, then use "Mouse Settings" under your Control Panel to choose which rose you want for which cursor. You'll need WinZip to unpack the cursors, though - you can get it for free at http://www.winzip.com