Third Time's the Charm
(c) 2000 By
J. Farris


"Rita Mahoney works for the Daily Herald and wants the Sports Desk job. Her boss tells her that if she can get an interview with Tony "The Tiger" D'Tillo, a local boxer, she's got the job. So Rita goes to the gym looking for Tony. What she finds is a big, scarred up man who hates women. He also won't talk to her so she finds his trainer and talks him into letting her interview Tony. Rita finds out there's much more to Tony's story that anyone is telling her and she becomes intrigued with Tony and with finding out the whole story. She's very persistent and won't quit till she has the whole story. While Rita is digging into Tony's past, she does the unbelievable. She also falls in love with him. Now if she can just find a way to make him love her back. This was a thoroughly enjoyable and highly entertaining book. I especially enjoyed the way Rita learned that appearances are not always what they seem and that Tony learned all women are not alike. I look forward to reading more of J. Farris' work"

Kathy's Faves and Raves
Member, Reviewers International Organization (RIO)

"Farris delivers a one-two punch straight to the heart with Third Time's the Charm, creating dynamic characters you'll cheer for and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your chair. It's a knockout!"

Leta Nolan Childers, author of the 1999 e-book best seller "The Best Laid Plans."

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