Why You Should Turn on Java for These Pages


See Xaa work!  Work, Xaa, work!  What a hard-working mousie!  See Xaa chug JAVA!  Drink, Xaa, drink!  Glug-glug-glug!

Xaa loves java.

Xaa works hard on the java for this site to make sure you will love it, too.

Xaa promises there will be no mean java that does unfriendly things on this site.

Xaa promises you won't wait forever for the java on this site.
(15 seconds, tops, at typical connection speeds).

Xaa promises that all the java on this site will be tasty and fun.

Xaa has many pretty things on the site that are java-based.

Xaa hopes you will turn on java in your browser and see all the pretty things.

Xaa is a terribly hard-working mousie.

I should probably pay him more.

Turn on java and see all the nifty things Xaa has done.



Xaa optimized these pages for Internet Explorer 4+
(And compatible browsers which support the W3 standard "<BGSOUND> tag)

Xaa says IE4+ has a great java-engine.

This does not mean Xaa don't like Netscape, however, so no hate-mail, please.

Java Jive
(c)1940 Drake/Oakland
Sequenced by WhooBOY!