"Friday, March 21, 2003 Posted: 10:20 PM EST (0320 GMT)


SAN FRANCISCO, California (CNN) -- Day two of coalition strikes against Iraq brought hundreds of thousands of antiwar protesters to the streets around the world Friday.


Early Friday afternoon in Washington, a group of several hundred protesters gathered on H Street in front of Lafayette Square in what they called a "funeral" for the innocent Iraqis who could die during the bombing campaign."




It's sad to me that these anti-war protesters are more than happy to scream about innocents who might die when our military is doing everything they can to make sure they won't, but nobody says a peep anymore about the innocents who died in our own nation by people who intended their deaths.  Yes, so many anti-war protesters are wondering why we're at war with Iraq.  They have forgotten the reason.


Well, here's a reminder.


Look at the picture, above.  This woman jumped from the North Tower of the World Trade Center at about 9am on 9/11/01.  Her fall was photographed by about fifty photographers.  She and about two hundred other people jumped that day.  There aren't any photographs of what was left after she hit the pavement.


Oh, it's not because of lack of interest, or even repugnance on the photographer's part.  Nor is it due to a lack of people who want to see it - there's a dozen or more sicko websites who are affering large rewards for anyone who can produce an actual image of someone who fell from the WTC.  There's even a hoax picture of a British man who jumped from a building in London back in '95 that a few have tried to pass off as a WTC photo.  But, no, there's no picture of what was left of her after she hit the ground, or really of anyone who jumped that day.


The are no photos of what was left of her because there wasn't anything left. 


At terminal velocity against concrete, the human body explodes like a water baloon.


Survivors of the WTC talk about how the windows of the North lobby were coated with blood and bits of flesh from the jumpers.  There's one tape from the fire department, made when they were trying to set up a command post, and another made by a BBC journalist on the scene.  In the background you can hear explosions. 


But they aren't explosions. 


That's the sounds of human beings hitting solid concrete at one hundred and twenty miles an hour.


About 2800 people died that day, in those two buildings.  About 1700 of them remain unidentified.  Bits of bone and fragments of teeth is all we have.  Of the 200 or so jumpers, it's not likely anything will ever be identified from any of them.  You need more than a fragment of tooth for dental records to be of any use.


Saddam Hussein paid for this horror, and cheered the people who did it on world-wide television.


Now, he pays the price.


Some people say it's all about the oil.  Other say it's American Imperialism.  Some here in our own country say that even if Saddam did help fund Al-Quaida, well, the WTC was just a sad event, and we should put it behind us.


But I'm not going to.


I will never forget, and I will never forgive.


I look at that picture, and I don't see someone who would ever forgive me if I forgot her, nor do I see someone who would forgive me if I forgave her murderers and those who funded them.


I will never forget, and I will never forgive.


I look at that picture, and I don't see someone who would smile at the thought of the Palestinians dancing in the streets at her murder, or anti-war protesters trying to stop our reprisals against her murderers.


I will never forget, and I will never forgive.


I look at that picture, and I don't see a woman who would care what France or Germany or Russia think about the validity of a war against those who funded her murderers.


I will never forget, and I will never forgive.


No, I look at that picture, and I see a woman falling from the sky, her hands over her head in a futile hope that somehow she might protect herself from the immense impact to come. I look at that picture, and I see someone who is probably praying and screaming and hoping in the last 16.27 seconds of her life that God will help her and send his angels to catch her in their gentle hands before she becomes merely another statistic, another picture that the media thought wouldn't be good to show us.


Count it to yourself.  Imagine the choice - burn to death in screaming agony, or jump. 


Imagine waiting, watching the ground grow nearer and nearer, faster and faster, screaming and praying for a miracle for 16.27 seconds until the most massive blow you can ever possibly imagine ends your life in a single instant.


It's over a year later, now.  I do not know who she is.  Nobody does - and nobody ever will.


But I will never forget her, and I will never forgive those who killed her nor those who paid for her to die.


And as for you anti-war protesters, I will never forget or forgive you, either. 


Because you have forgotten her.



Jim Farris,
Published Professional Author and Composer