The Last God

The Soundtrack

Welcome to the soundtrack page for 'The Last God'.

Here you will find the complete soundtrack to the first novel in the exciting new e-book series, 'The Oerth Cycle'.

All the music here is (C) 2001 by Jim Farris, All Rights Reserved. Please note that you may listen to this music freely, but you are not allowed to post this music anywhere without express written permission from me, the composer. That means you can't post it as music for your web-pages, you can't give it away to your friends, and you can't sell it. You may write me at if you would like to use any of this music for your pages.

Listening Notes:


- Unmarked = MIDI is intended to loop. In orchestral performance, the full melody would be played through twice, from beginning to end.

- * = MIDI is complete in one movement. In orchestral performance, the full melody would be played through once, from beginning to end.

Listening Notes:

If you're listening to these midis on OPL3 FM Synthesis from your sound card, then you are not hearing the music the same way it was recorded. All these pieces are symphonic works (like with a full orchestra). If you're not hearing flutes, violins, timpani and harps, you're not hearing what I composed. To hear the music the same way I recorded it, what you need is a program called a soft synth. If you have Windows, you have a wide variety of choices available to you - Yamaha XG (the top-of-the-line model, the SY-XG50, is about $40 and has a 90-day 'trial' period), Roland GS (the industry standard, it runs about $60), and even the one I use, WinGroove (also the cheapest, at $20). If you have a Mac, you have far fewer choices, but don't despair! The Roland GS has a Mac version. And yes, for those of you who are totally broke, there is a freeware soft-synth out there - but I can't really reccomend it.