Ornate 'T'his page is where you can get free desktop wallpapers!

I only recently started to make these, so the collection is still rather small. Check back from time to time to see new wallpapers I have added. To get one of the wallpapers, click the image. A new window will open to display each wallpaper image. If you decide you like the wallpaper, you can right-click it and save it to your disk.

(click for larger image)
The character 'Elizabeth' from the 'Muse' series Elizabeth, Alan Donovan's partner and muse.
(from the "Muse" series)
A map of the fantasy continent 'Antonica' from the 'Mage' series A map of the continent of Antonica.
(from the "Mage" series)

All characters and images are 2005 Jim Farris, All Rights Reserved.