(c)2001 Jim Farris, All Rights Reserved.


And in this world, in the metroplex of San Angeles, a lonely man mourns the death of his muse...

Available now from DiskUs Publishing, Muse is a science-fiction detective story with a decided twist.


"Evocative and provactive...with a story that will keep you reading to the very end, and still leave you begging for more. Muse is a haunting book that remains with you long after 'The End.' Masterfully written."

Leta Nolan Childers, Best-selling author of Best Laid Plans


"If you haven't read this book, you've been cheating yourself of a damn fine story. Alan Donovan is the 23rd-century's answer to Mike Hammer - and then some! And the plot twists! The story is full of them! I can't even describe the biggest one, it'll just screw up the story for you! Suffice it to say, the story is a science-fiction tale about a dectective in the 23rd century, his incredibly unique 'Watson', and his investigation of what seems, at first, to be a totally innocuous crime. But, like all good detective stories, our hero soon finds that he's up to his neck in alligators, and the swamp isn't getting any shallower. I can't wait until Mr. Farris pens the next Alan Donovan tale. I want more! Four stars - big ones, too."

Mike Pettigraf, Paper Tiger Book Reviews.


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