The Oerth Cycle

(c)1999, 2002 Jim Farris, All Rights Reserved.

In another time...
Another place...
A journey beyond imagination
shall begin.



The Last God (Book I of the Oerth Cycle):

It is another time...
Another place...
And now the fate of two mighty empires
rests in the paws of one so small...

The Last God
The secrets of oerth shall be revealed.


Summary: A 128,000-word science-fiction/anthropomorphic fantasy novel that tells the story of the little mustelid, Merle, and her enormous companion, Xaa. They learn to care for each other as they master the secrets of technology long lost, and uncover the dark, secret history of their own world.
Blurb: Merle Mousefinder, the little Mustie of the Wild Wood, didn't know what she was getting into when she followed the strange noise through the forest and found Xaa, an enormous carnivorous mouse. Soon, her curiosity would lead her to follow Xaa through an epic tale of freedom, slavery, life, death, hate, and love.


Legacy of the Last God (Book II of the Oerth Cycle):

Between darkness
and the light,
lies a million shades of shadow...

Legacy of the Last God
...the story of oerth continues...


Summary: A 131,000-word science-fiction/anthropomorphic fantasy novel that continues the story of the little mustelid, Merle, and her enormous companion, Xaa. The aftermath of the mustie's decision to leave the Wild Wood and the terrible fate that befalls the mice leads to a final showdown between the mus and the cats.
Blurb: The saga of Oerth continues in Legacy of the Last God. As Xaa and Merle begin to work out their curious relationship, Merle learns to adjust to the new society and culture she finds herself now a part of. Meanwhile, the musties learn to adjust to their new home in Laughing Wood, while the mice learn to live life without their little protectors. Suddenly, a dark cloud appears on the horizon - the cats have kidnapped all the mice of the village, save for Bootie, Smith's mate, and Farrah, Smith's daughter! Can they make the vast journey across endless leagues to alert their old allies to the danger, or will the cats twist the helpless mice, using them to gain the technological edge against their ancient foe, the mus?


Ayre of the Last God (Book III of the Oerth Cycle):

Despite hate...
despite war...
despite everything...
she would love him...

Ayre of the Last God
...the story of oerth continues...


Summary: A 118,000-word science-fiction/anthropomorphic fantasy novel that continues the story of the little mustelid, Merle, and her enormous companion, Xaa. The aftermath of L'Sala's decision come about, and the war for the throne begins.
Blurb: A sad, pathetic wretch rises from where she's been tossed in a muddy alley. It is L'Valin, the former mentalt, her much-vaunted will destroyed by the work of R'Mang, the Shazad's Royal Torturer. Yet, little does this sad wreck of a once-proud Mentalt know the fateful jorney that lies before her - a journey not merely across the lands, but through hell itself - and beyond.


Children of the Last God (Book IV of the Oerth Cycle):

Against the Darkness,
within each of ourselves,
is a Warrior of Light,
ready for the Final Battle...

Children of the Last God
...Ad Astra...


Summary: A 117,000-word science-fiction/anthropomorphic fantasy novel that concludes the story of the little mustelid, Merle, and her enormous companion, Xaa. The last two races of Oerth (as mentioned by the Last God) are discovered - as is the fact that the Last God was not only not a god, but he was hardly the last...
Blurb: The Oerth Cycle concludes with a grand finale in Children of the Last God. Byarl, Ayori, Amani and Bessie travel to the south to find the "Wild Musties", while Xaa and Merle travel northwards to rescue what just might be the last of the mice. But deep in the swamps, a great danger lurks for the musties and their horse-friend - just as danger lurks ahead for Xaa and Merle. Will they survive? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the Oerth Cycle!




Jim Farris subtly draws the reader into his literary world with the finesse
of Richard Adams in Watership Down and takes us on a classic fantasy quest
as breathtaking as Tolkien's. Characters with depth and dimension struggle
against internal and external odds, and soon we realize this is not a child's tale.



Have you ever wanted to be swept away? If you have then you are destined to
love The Last God : Book One of the Oerth Cycle.

The Last God is an enormous cross-genre saga ... both Science Fiction and
Fantasy, inner journey and grand adventure.

Leanne Moore


4 Thumbs Up...THE LAST GOD...captured my attention from the very first page.
This book is quite intriguing and the ending is marvelous.

Kathy's Faves and Raves


The Last God ... Think Mrs. 'Frisby and the Rats of NIMH', or 'The Redwall
Saga'.   I read the book in two sittings - breaking only to give my eyes a
rest. It kept me reading, and reading - 'just one more chapter then I'll go eat......'

This is a book any adult lover of fantasy should read...

Lesley Meade,


A fantasy, an adventure, and a saga of an inner journey as well as a
physical one, Jim Farris' The Last God combines a variety of purposes to
bring the reader a compelling and enticing read.

The story begins with the introduction of the Mustelid Merle and her mouse
friend Tinker. Their people have been neighbors for years with the Mustelids
protecting the Mice and the Mice in return lending their inventions and
innovations to the Mustelids to enable them to survive. One day Merle, being
the adventurous mustie she was, followed the noise she heard and found an
aftermath of an apparent massacre of some giant beings, which resembled the
mice. One of the beings was still alive, only unconscious and she was able
to help him return to her village. He was huge compared to her people,
speaking a language unknown to them, yet he demonstrated he meant no harm to
them. Merle is given the task to teach him their language so he could then
tell his story to their leader. During the time she spent with this giant,
whose name is Xaa, they learn to communicate and Merle realizes she has
feelings for him as he does for her.

Xaa and his party were in their area for the reason of finding the "little
ones' or the mice. Xaa's people had legends about these "little ones" and
their inventions and intelligence. With Xaa's people struggling with an
ongoing war with the clan of the Cats, it was felt if these "little ones"
could be found and persuaded to return with him, they could help force the
Cats from their land. The Mice turn down Xaa's request for reasons, which
only the leaders are aware and Xaa prepares to leave. Merle decides to
travel with him and her mouse friend Tinker follows them. He wants Merle as
his mate and is afraid if he doesn't go, he will never see her again. The
journey begins for this mismatched group and truths of each come out as the
journey progresses. Pain, sorrow and a new awareness of atrocities inflicted
surface, yet love, hope, determination and real inner strength take a firm foothold.

Very quickly the reader will become immersed in this world, following the
journey of these characters and cheering Merle and Xaa on in their struggles
and quests. This is a truly unique and outstanding read, which brings
anticipation for the subsequent books in this series.

Linda Eberharter,