There has been much disagreement about his birthdate and parents. 
Therefore I will not list any.  I think he was born about 1694/1695. 
This birth date is based on the Essex Co. Court Order Book entry of 21
Mar 1716 which shows him being sued in court for debt.  The Colonial
courts were very protective of the rights of minors.  I do not believe
that the court would allow a minor to be sued.  If a minor were accused
of having a debt, his father would have to be sued.  Thomas's father
was NOT a party to the suit. To be sued, he would have to be at least
21 and therefore born by 1695.  This date makes the birth date of his
son Bland much more reasonable.  Bland's first child was born about
1752 which would put his birth date possibly about 1732 or earlier. 
Since Thomas and Sarah are shown in the court record of 19 Jun 1722 to
be married, Bland's birth date could be at least that early. Thomas has
been thought by many to be a son of John Ballard and Katherine Hubbard.
This is not possible as that Thomas is shown to be a minor in John's
will of 1744.    

Thomas Ballard m(1) Sarah _________.  This is shown by the Essex Co. 
Court Order Book entry of 19 Jun 1722 which shows both Thomas Ballard 
and his wife Sarah being sued. 
21 Mar 1716  In an action of Debt between William Evered Plt. & 
   John Golding & Thomas Ballard Defts, it is ordered that the 
   Attachment issued in this Cause agst Estate of Defts be continued
   till next Court.  
   Essex Co., VA, Court Order Book, 19 Mar 1716 to 16 Sep 1718, p. 15.
19 Jun 1722  Thomas Ballord & Sarah his wife being before this 
   Court in a Mittimus from Capt. Salvator Muscoe on ye Complaint &
   Oath of Andrew Scrimshaw, on hearing the sd Andrew's conplaint It is
   ordered ye sd Ballord remain in Custody of the Sherif till he  
   enters into bond with good security in the sum of Twenty pounds  
   Sterl. for his & his Wife's good behavior & then he 
   discharged paying costs.
   Essex Co., VA, Court Order Book, p. 654
Oct 1743 Thomas Ballard ahd his wife Sarah, she being first privily  
   examined, acknowledged their deed of lease and release indented to  
   Ben Allen, which on his motion is admitted to record Oct. 1743.
   VA, Caroline Co., Order Book 1741-46, p. 230
30 Jun 1779 will of Thomas Ballard, heirs were dau. Mary, sons Thomas
   and Bland, dau.-in-law Mourning Ballard, "the natural dau. of my
   dau. Frances named Rachel, now wife of Gabriel Mullins", dau.    
   Susanna Pettit, dau. Anna Maupine.  No wife of Thomas was listed.
   9 May 1782 recorded in Albemarle Court
   Albemarle Co., VA, Will Book 2, p. 396

Thomas BALLARD b.c.1695, d. bef. 9 May 1782 Albemarle Co.
   m(1) Sarah
    1 Bland BALLARD [see below] 
    2 Thomas BALLARD b.c. 1740, d.c. 1804, m. Mary Elizabeth BALLARD
      21 Elizabeth BALLARD m. 17 Apr 1783 Albemarle Co., Frost&Snow
    3 Anna BALLARD b.c.        m. Gabriel MAUPIN
    4 Frances BALLARD b. maybe 1745,    unmarried
      41 Rachel BALLARD b.  bef. 1759    m. Gabriel MULLINS
Thomas BALLARD  m(2) bef. 1753, Susannah  HESSON d. bef. 28 Apr 1761
    5 Susannah BALLARD b.c. 1753, m. William PETTIT
Thomas BALLARD  m(3) Mary POWERS d. bef. 30 Jun 1779
    6 Mary BALLARD    

1 Bland Ballard b. 1722-30, son of Thomas Ballard and his first wife  
  Sarah.  The birth date of Bland is thought to be between 1722 when  
  his father Thomas is listed in an Essex County Court record with his
  wife Sarah, and 1730, with the approximate b. date of his first  
  child being 1752.  This is a reasonable date.  He probably was b. in
  Essex Co.  His father Thomas was said in a 1738 land purchase to be 
  "of Caroline Co."  Nothing is known of his life prior to Nov. 1771  
  when the following record was made.  On 14 Nov 1771, he was ordered 
  to help in the processioning of some lands in Fredericksville Parish  
  of Albemarle Co., with John Ballard and Robert Michie.

  He is listed in the 1779 will of his father, Thomas Ballard.  He and
  his father Thomas were witnesses to the 1780 will of his uncle John.
  He m(1) about 1752 a wife whose existence was unknown until research
  on the Shiflett family revealed that Frances could not be the mother
  of all 15 of Bland's children.  She was younger than most of his  
  children.  He m(2) in the early 1780s  Frances Shiflett, a daughter
  of John Shiflett and his wife Joice Powell.  No official marriage 
  records are known for Albemarle Co. before 1780s.  1786 was the year
  that Albemarle Co. took over the responsibility of recording  
  marriages from the parish churches.  Unfortunately the parish  
  churches in Albemarle Co. violated the Colonial Law and had never  
  kept a parish register.  The parish system was disbanded in 1785.   
  Bland's son Garland was shown in the 1850 Census of Todd Co., KY, as
  born about 1786. His daughter Peachy was shown in the same census as
  b.c. 1787.

  On 27 Sep 1793 John Shiflett and wife Joice gave to their daughter  
  Frances Ballard and her daughter Martha 60 acres of land.  In Apr  
  1795 an inventory of the estate of John Shiflett decd. included a  
  bond on Bland Ballard for 5 pounds.  On 5 Sep 1796 Joice Shiflett,  
  Bland Ballard and Franky his wife and the other heirs of John  
  Shiflett decd. sold some land to Phillip Seale.

  Some have claimed he went to Shelby Co., KY and d. there in 1809 but
  the many records he made in Albemarle Co., VA, show he did not.   
  They are confusing him with a distant cousin who did go and die  
  there.  This error is recorded in Derby's BALLARD-BALLORD BITS, and  
  many pick it up there and do not do enough research that proves it  
  Bland listed the names of 15 children in his will.  There is a group
  of nine sons and daughters which he calls "beloved" but leaves them 
  only $1.00 each.  The others he leaves substantial property and  
  money.  This would seem to not be the way to treat "beloved"  
  children UNLESS they were from an earlier marriage to a wife whose  
  name is now unknown, that he had provided for them before he married
  Frances Shiflett.  There is another indication that they may be from
  an earlier marriage.  There is seemingly a gap of over 15 years  
  between the birth dates of the groups of children.  They are able to
  be grouped by the extent of their legacy and then when approximate  
  b. dates are given to most, the gap of years appears.

28 Jun 1809 date of will, of Bland Ballard, recorded in Albemarle  
  County Court 6 Nov 1809
  Will Book 5, p. 44-6 
  to my dearly beloved wife Frances Ballard, the land I now live on,  
  being the lands that was deeded to me by her father, John Shiflett,   
  about 60 acres, household furniture, stock, cattle, plantation tools  
  of every kind, and the produce that is made on the place and the  
  produce that is laid up for the support of my children to my  
  daughter Jean Nailor, 37 acres, part of a 150 acre tract I purchased  
  of Henry Carter, the remainder to be divided between my two sons and  
  daughter Garland Ballard Bennett D. Ballard and Peachy Hoy to my  
  beloved daughter Patsey Ballard the furniture and feather bed [after  
  wifes decease] to my beloved children 1 dollar a peace: Nance Murry,  
  Mary Ballard, Dice Howard, Lucy Maupin, Sarah Ballard, Annis Ray,  
  William Ballard, John Ballard, Thomas Ballard, negro boy Charles to  
  my beloved wife Frances Ballard for her use and benifit and my son  
  Bennett D. Ballard
    to my five daughters
      Fanny Newcom       ( negro boy Charles to be sold and any money
      Annis Ray          (over 50 L to go to my son Bennett D. Ballard
      Sarah Ballard
      Patsy Ballard
      Peachy Hoy
   the balance of my estate to go to my son Garland Ballard

This listing with a bequest of $1 might also prevent a challenge to his
will.  Shiflett research confirms these as an earlier family.  
Frances's father, John Shiflett, was b.c. 1740, and Frances was born 
about 1765.  This would make her a year or so younger than most of the 
children of Bland's first family.  All of this makes it obvious that 
Bland was married twice.

Bland BALLARD b. 1722-1730 Essex Co., VA, d. bef. 6 Nov 1809 Albemarle
Co., VA, 
  m(1) c. 1750,  unknown
   1 Mary BALLARD b.c. 1752 VA
   2 Dicie BALLARD b.c. 1754 VA, m. James HOWARD
   3 Nancy BALLARD b.c. 1755 VA, m.     MURRAY
   4 Lucy BALLARD b.c. 1757 VA, d. Marion Co., MO, m.  Matthew MAUPIN
   5 Sarah BALLARD b.c. 1758 VA
   6 John BALLARD b.c. 1760 VA, m. Mollie BROWN
   7 William BALLARD b.c. 1762 VA
   8 Thomas BALLARD b.c 1763 VA
   9 Fanny Harris BALLARD b.c. 1764 VA, m. 15 Feb 1799 Albemarle Co.,  
     VA, Lawrence NEWCOMB
  10 Annis BALLARD b.c. 1768 VA, m. 13 Aug 1789 Albemarle Co., VA,  
     Thomas REA 
m(2)c. 1784 Albemarle Co., VA, Frances SHIFLETT b.c. 1765 Albemarle  
   Co., VA, d. aft. 1817, dau. of John SHIFLETT and wife Joice POWELL
  11 Jean BALLARD b.c. 1784 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Nov 1801 Albemarle  
     Co., VA, Edward B. NAILOR   
  12 Garland BALLARD [see below]
  13 Peachy BALLARD b.c. 1787 Albemarle Co., VA, d. after Nov 1860, m.  
     24 Dec 1806 Albemarle Co., VA,  William HOY b. 1785 VA, d. about  
     1869 Todd Co., KY.  
     1 boy b. 1810-1815
     2 William HOY Jr. b.c. 1822 Todd Co., KY, m. Eliza
     3 Henry HOY b.c. 1825 Todd Co., KY 
     4 Mary Ann HOY b. 20 Jan 1827 Todd Co., KY, d. 17 Apr 1902  
       Sedalia, Collin Co., TX, m. 30 Mar 1846 Todd Co., KY, Warner  
       BALLARD, son of Garland BALLARD [see below for children]
  14 Martha BALLARD b.c.    , m. 13 Sep 1809 Albemarle Co., VA, John  
  15 Bennett D. BALLARD b. 2 Oct 1802 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 25 Oct  
     1858 Hopkins Co., KY, m. 25 Dec 1822 Randolph Co., IL, Barbara  
     THORNHILL, dau. of Henry THORNHILL.  His brother Garland posted  
     two guardian bonds for him, in 1813 and 1817, in Albemarle Co.  He
     probably came to Christian Co., KY about 1818 with his brother  
     Garland.  It is not known how or why he went to Randolph Co., IL,  
     where he married.  He appeared in the Todd Co. tax book of 1824  
     and was listed through 1842.  He was in the 1830 census of Todd  
     Co. and the 1840 census of Christian Co. but continued to be  
     listed in the Todd Co. tax books.  After 1842 this family  
     disappeared from Todd Co.  By 1848 he is listed in the tax books  
     of Hopkins Co., KY and is listed until 1858.  He is reported to  
     have died 25 Oct 1858 in Hopkins Co.  The 1830 and 1840 census  
     show them having 9 children, 2 male and 7 female.
     1 Frances L. BALLARD b.c. 1824 Todd Co., d. aft 1860, Ozark Co.,  
       MO, m. 5 Jul 1849 Hopkins Co., Richard THOMPSON.
     2 Henry T. BALLARD b. 4 Nov 1826 Todd Co., d. 2 Jul 1900 Webster  
       Co., KY, m. 16 Mar 1853 Hopkins Co., Judith L. TRUSTY. 
       1850 census Hopkins Co., Dist. #2, Fam. #275
     3 dau. BALLARD b. 1826-1830 Todd Co. Ref. Todd Co. census 1830
     4 Elizabeth A. BALLARD b.c. 1828 Todd Co., d. 1 May 1907 Webster  
       Co., m. 30 May 1848 Hopkins Co., William A. COBB.  
       1850 census Hopkins Co., Dist. #2, Fam. #587
     5 Sarah Margaret BALLARD b.c. 1830 Todd Co., d. bef. 1900  
       Pittsburg, Williamson Co., IL, m. 13 Aug 1849 Hopkins Co.,  
       William Anderson THOMPSON.
     6 Mary Jane BALLARD b.c. 1832 Todd Co., m. 5 Sep 1852 Hopkins  
       Co., John SHADRICK.  
       1850 census Hopkins Co., Dist. #2, Fam. #437.
     7 Virginia C. BALLARD b.c. 1834 Todd Co., m. 19 Jul 1849 Hopkins  
       Co., John H. COBB.
     8 Bennett Marion BALLARD b. 18 Aug 1836 Todd Co., d. 16 Feb 1926,  
       Huggins, Texas Co., MO, bur. Churchyard Cem., m.c. 1860 Mary  
     9 Barbara Ann BALLARD b.c. 1838 Todd Co., d. 9 Jan 1880, Hopkins  
       Co., bur. Zion Brick Cem., Hopkins Co., m. 23 Apr 1860 Hopkins  
       Co., William M. BROWN.
  12 Garland BALLARD b.c. 1786 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 4/27 Oct 1860  
     Todd Co., KY, m. 10 May 1810 Albemarle Co., VA, Susannah Phillips   
     b.c. 1787 Albemarle Co., VA, d. aft 1860 Todd Co., KY, dau. of  
     Stephen PHILLIPS and his wife Susannah _______.
     1 James G. BALLARD b.c. 1811 Albemarle Co., VA, m. 4 Oct 1841  
       Todd Co., KY, Louisa I. HUTCHISON
     2 Winston BALLARD b. c. 1814 Albemarle Co., VA, m. about 1843,  
       possibly in Logan Co., Sophia WOLF.  The birth records of Todd  
       Co. show that in Dec 1861 James W. Ballard was b. to W. Ballard  
       and Sophia Wolf.  He was in the Todd Co. tax books from 1838  
       through at least 1875.  They had 7 children in the 1850-70  
       censuses.  He was listed as a carpenter and farmer.  He was in  
       the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Logan Co., KY, and the 1870  
       census of Todd Co., KY.  Sophia b.c. 1825 KY.  
            1  Robert G. BALLARD b.c. 1844 KY
            2  Susan M. BALLARD b.c. 1846 KY  
            3  Sarah F. BALLARD b.c. 1848 KY 
            4  Eliza J. BALLARD b.c. 1850 KY
            5  Sophia A. BALLARD b.c. 1852 KY
            6  Winston G. BALLARD b.c 1856 KY
            7  James BALLARD b.c. 1861 KY
     3 Sarah BALLARD b. 1815/1817 Albemarle Co., VA.  In Todd Co., KY  
       census of 1860.
     4 Warner BALLARD b. 5 Feb 1816 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 27 Oct 1886  
       Sedalia, Collin Co., TX, m. 30 Mar 1846 Todd Co., KY, Mary Ann  
       HOY [see above]
       1 William Garland BALLARD b. 13 Feb 1847 Christian Co., KY, d.  
         2 Jun 1895, Sedalia, Collin  Co., m. 27 Dec 1869 Collin Co.,  
         Sarah Elizabeth COATES b. 1848 TN, d. 27 Aug 1944, bur. Van  
         Alstyne, Grayson Co., TX.  He did not go to KY with the rest  
         of his family.  It is possible that he was in the Civil War.   
         A Mrs. S. E. Ballard of Grayson Co. applied for a pension and  
         it was approved, #46135.  I have not found that he applied  
         for a pension.
         11 John L. BALLARD b. 9 Nov 1870 Collin Co.
         12 Robert Jackson BALLARD b. 31 Dec 1873, Collin Co., d.  
            1965, m. Sarah P. WHITTENBURG b. 1873, d. 1950, bur. Elm  
            Grove Cem.
           121 Lou BALLARD b. c. 1894 TX
           122 May BALLARD b. c. 1896 TX
           123 Eunice BALLARD b. c. 1899 TX
           124 Mo. M. BALLARD b. c. 1901 TX
           125 Wade BALLARD b. Dec 1909 TX
         13 Mary Ann BALLARD b. 16 May 1876, d. 22 Dec 1957 San Diego,  
            CA, m. William Alexander ROBISON b. 1868, d. 25 Aug 1901,  
            as his 2nd wife.
           131 Burl ROBISON
           132 Chester A. ROBISON b. 14 Feb
           133 Natalie ROBISON             m.    JONES
           134 Ruby ROBISON                m.  Delma BELLE
           135 Dadia ROBISON               m.  Ray MARTIN
           136 Beatrice ROBISON            m.  John DUNN
         14 Edward W. BALLARD b. 25 Jan 1878 Collin Co., d. 15 May  
         15 Dade BALLARD b. 24 Oct 1880 Sedalia, d. 14 Apr 1976 bur.  
            Van Alstyne Cem., m. 25 Oct 1903 Herbert W. BALLARD (see  
         16 Harve W. BALLARD b. 14 Jan 1884
         17 Dora M. BALLARD b. 23 Jan-d. 25 Jul 1888 bur. Elm Grove  
         18 infant son (twin) (on same tombstone with Dora but had no  
       2 Cornelia Susannah BALLARD b. 1849 Christian Co., d. c. 1911  
         Sedalia, m. John Charles PACE b. c. 1850 TN
         21 Herndon PACE b. 14 Oct 1878 KY, d. 1 Dec 1969 Amherst, TX,  
            m. Beulah M.  b. 25 Aug 1894, d. 13 Aug 1974 Amherst, both  
            bur. in Amherst Cem.
           211 Johnny P. PACE b. 1919, d. 1939 Amherst, bur. there.
         22 Sylvester PACE b. Jun 1881 TX
         23 Annie PACE b. Jun 1883 TX
       3 Robert Warner Louis BALLARD b. 23 Feb 1851 Christian Co., d.  
         23 Jun 1916 Haskill, Tillman Co., OK, bur. Montgomery Cem.,  
         m(1) 3 Jul 1875 Trigg Co., KY, Lavonia SMITH
         31 Ivie Mae BALLARD b. Sep 1880 KY, m.      HUNTER
         32 Ora BALLARD b. Nov 1883 KY, m. Tobe COOK
         m(2) 1887 Ellen Pamelia PHILLIPS b. 30 Jan 1856 VA, d. 22 Aug  
              1930 Fletcher, Comanche Co., OK.
         33 Robert Thomas BALLARD b. 31 Jan 1889 Grayson Co., d. 30  
            Apr 1967 Sterling, Comanche Co., m. 21 Mar 1909 Collin  
            Co., Bertie Belle ROBISON b. 9 Feb 1894 Mt. View, AR, d.  
            13 Nov 1974 Sterling, dau. of William Alexander ROBISON  
            and his 1st wife Etta Jean WARRICK b. 1875 TN, d. 7 Apr  
            1898 IND. Terr.
         34 William Mac BALLARD b. 22 Mar 1893 Post Oak, TX, d. 1 May  
            1974 Bonham V.A. Hosp., bur. Gunter Cem., Grayson Co., m.  
            4 Dec 1923 Fletcher, OK, Mellie Etta COX b. 30 Dec 1897  
            Ripley, Tippah Co., MS.
         35 Earnest Lee BALLARD b. 9 Mar 1895 Clay Co., TX, d. 3 Oct  
            1946 suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge, m. 29 Nov 1929  
            Sterling, Rosa Lee CONWAY b. 6 Nov 1907 Sterling
         36 Allen Louis BALLARD b. 24 Nov 1896 Eastland, TX, m. Muriel
       4 Thomas Lee BALLARD b. 12 Jun 1853 Montgomery Creek, nr.  
         Pembroke, Christian Co., KY, d. 5 Apr 1932 Brownwood, Brown  
         Co., TX, m. 14 Aug 1872 Trigg Co., KY, Miranda Ellen DUNNING  
         b. 10 Mar 1850 Trigg Co., KY, d. 27 Jun 1923 Brownwood, both  
         bur. in Masonic Sec., Greenleaf Cem. beside Walter Mack and  
         Mary Myrtle (BALLARD) JOHNSON.  Her tombstone gives her birth  
         date as 1852.  
         The 1850 census of Trigg Co., KY, says she is two months old.
         41 dau. d. unamed
         42 Mary Myrtle BALLARD b. 10 Oct 1875 Caldwell Co., KY, d. 28  
            May 1921 Brownwood, m. 16 Jul 1893 Brownwood Walter Mack   
            JOHNSON b. 28 Mar 1866 Bibb Co., AL, d. 29 Dec 1935 Fort  
            Worth of pneumonia.  Both are bur. Masonic Sec., Greenleaf  
            Cem., Brownwood.  
       5 James L. BALLARD b. 5 Oct 1855 nr. Pembroke, Christian Co.,  
         d. 21 May 1909 Collin Co., bur. Elm Grove Cem., m. Ida S.  
         BLAKELEY b. 21 May 1862, d. 3 Dec 1889 in childbirth, bur.  
         Elm Grove Cem.  (They may have m. in Collin Co. or in  
         Caldwell Co.
         51 Mallory (Mallord) P. BALLARD b. 27 Oct 1879, d. 26 Jun  
            1880 bur. Elm Grove Cem.
         52 Herbert W. BALLARD b. 16 Apr 1881 Sedalia, d. 27 May 1947  
            bur. Van Alstyne Cem., m. 25 Oct 1903 Van Alstyne Dade  
            BALLARD (see #15)
           521 Vera Ida BALLARD b. 9-d. 29 May 1906
           522 Vallie Elizabeth BALLARD b. 9-d. 31 May 1906, both  
               twins bur. Elm Grove Cem.
           523 Jettie Aline BALLARD b. 20 Aug 1909, m. 5 Jul 1932  
               William HOUSE
           524 Vada Victoria BALLARD b. 21 Jul 1911, m. 2 Aug 1935  
               Woodrow POWELL
           525 James Garland BALLARD b. 8 Jul 1915, m. 14 Jul 1935  
               Ruby Lee SPAIN
           526 Doris Ruth BALLARD b. 26 Mar 1919, m. 11 Nov 1937  
               Howard EARWOOD
         53 Laura BALLARD b. Dec. 1882
         54 Oscar L. BALLARD b. 2 Apr 1885, d. 30 Oct 1918 bur. Elm  
            Grove Cem.
         55 Ida BALLARD b. 3 Dec 1889
       6 Mary Elizabeth BALLARD b. 12 May 1858 nr. Pembroke, d. 22 Jan  
         1935, m 11 Oct 1876 Caldwell Co., KY, (James E. Phillips on  
         m. rec.) Edward K. PHILLIPS
         61 G. L. PHILLIPS b. c. 1878 KY
         62 Ida PHILLIPS b. c. 1879 TX
       7 Emma BALLARD b. 22 Nov 1863 Collin Co., d. 24 Mar 1864 Collin  
         Co., bur. Elm Grove Cem., the first of the family to be  
         buried there. 
     5 Harrison BALLARD b.c.1819 Christian Co., KY, d. aft. 1880  
       Gentry Co., MO, m. 31 Mar 1845 Todd Co., KY, Frances E.  
       CULBERTSON b. c. 1826 KY, dau. of Frances CULBERTSON b. c. 1792  
       VA.  He was in the 1850 census of Todd Co., KY, the 1860-1880  
       censuses of Gentry Co., MO.
       51 Susan Frances BALLARD b.c. 1846 KY, m. John C. HUSSEY
       52 Margaret BALLARD b.c. 1848 KY, m.   GROOMS
       53 Sarah BALLARD b. July 1849 KY, m.   FLOYD 
       54 Emma/Ellen BALLARD b.c. 1851 KY, d. 22 Mar 1894 St. Joseph,  
          MO, m. Patrick Wilson STOCKTON b. 14 Aug 1846 Perry Co., MO,  
          d. 2 Dec 1936 Shelby, Toole Co., MT, son of James STOCKTON  
          and Martha WILSON
         541 Ella Frances STOCKTON b. 17 Jul 1870 St. Joseph, MO, d.  
             26 Sep 1950 Shelby, Toole Co., MT, m. 8 May 1896  
             Stanberry, Gentry Co., MO, Isaac Allen GUNTER b. 
         542 George STOCKTON b. 4 Oct 1872 Stanberry, Gentry Co., MO,  
             d. 17 Jul 1953 Denver, CO
         543 Asberry STOCKTON b. 23 Apr 1879 Stanberry, Gentry Co.,  
             MO, d. 29 Apr 1962 National City, San Diego Co., CA, m.  
             Effie WEATHERWAX
       55 Mary BALLARD b.c. 1854 KY, m. 2 Sep 1879 Allen O. STOCKTON  
          b. 5 Dec 1848 Platte Co., MO, d.  NE
       56 Andrew L. BALLARD b.c. 1856 KY
       57 Lucien E. BALLARD b.c. 1858 KY
       58 John P. BALLARD b.c. 1861 MO
       59 Viola BALLARD b.c. 1866 MO
       5X Viona BALLARD b.c. 1866 MO
       5A Lucinda BALLARD b.c. 1868 MO
     6 William BALLARD b.c. 1822 Todd Co., KY
     7 John W. BALLARD b.c. 1826 Todd Co., KY
     8 Susannah BALLARD b.c. 1828 Todd Co., KY
     9 Garland BALLARD b.c. 1829 Todd Co., KY, m. 25 Mar 1857 Todd  
       Co., KY, Sarah Ellen GROOMS 

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