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Carving of Pueblo II ruin

This is a carving I made in 1962 on a 14" long piece of 1 x 8 of a Pueblo II (A.D. 900-1100) ruin which was excavated in 1961. This was a Museum of New Mexico excavation on which I was the Assistant Archaeologist and Cartographer. It was on the top of a small hill on the Navajo Reservation about 10 miles E of the Shiprock-Gallup highway. This site was going to be destroyed by a 250 KW tower to be constructed on top of the hill as part of the Farmington-to-Phoenix Power Line. I made the carving to be a door plate for my house.


Beall - Largo, Fife, SCT, Pr. Georges Co., MD 1625+
Beavers - Loudon Co., VA, Stokes Co., NC 1770-1805
David - Huguenot, FRA, ENG, Manikintown VA 1600-1700s 
Donaghe - Augusta Co., VA 1752-1809 
Hoy - Albemarle Co., VA, Todd Co., KY 1782-1860+
Grey - Eng. pre 1600, VA 1600 - 1700
Johnston - Calloway Co., KY, Livingston Co., KY
   Greenville Co., SC, 1800-1861
Lockhart - Albemarle Co., VA 1760s
Powell - Orange-Albemarle Co., VA 1700s
Richardson - Fluvanna Co., VA 1780s
Rush - VA 1600s to 1700s
Sholar - Bertie Co., NC 1700s
Thompson - Orange Co., VA 1780-1800
Walton - VA, Reynolds Co., MO 1780s-1851

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