Ref: Some Notes Concerning the Family of Blakes of Wiltshire, Hampshire
& Somerset, compiled by Vivian H. King [about 1926]. A descendancy
chart, 33"x71", purchased from the Admiral Blake Museum, Bridgwater,

This Blake family is believed to be ancestral to at least three Blake
families that came to the English Colonies before 1700.  William Blake
of Pitminster, who went to Dorchester, in the Boston area; Thomas Blake
of Bridgwater, who went to Isle of Wight Co., VA; and Joseph Blake of
Plainsfield, who went to the Carolinas and became Colonial Governor of
South Carolina.  

The information on Thomas is circumstantial and is based on the will of
Adm. Robert Blake.  A bequest in his will dated 1656, "Item unto Thomas
Blake, son of my cousin William Blake, once commander of the Tresco
frigate, deceased, now aboard the Centurion frigate in the service, I
give fifty pounds."   This information was furnished by an
administrator of the Museum.  This Thomas Blake disappeared from the
English records after this time.  Only Thomas Blake of Isle of Wight
Co., VA, has been suggested as being the Thomas mentioned in the
Admiral's will.  

In 1678, a Thomas Blake left from Bristol for VA, as an indentured
servant.  It is most unlikely that a member of the Admiral's family
would be listed as an indentured servant.  This Thomas must not be
confused with our Thomas.  This is 14 years after Thomas Blake of Isle
of Wight Co., VA, was granted headrights of 240 acres for transporting
five persons to VA.  The deficiency of 10 acres was corrected in 1670
while granting 150 more acres for transporting three more persons.

A Museum staff member has said, that my proposed descendancy of Thomas
Blake of Isle of Wight Co., VA, from William Blake of Tuxwell, is
reasonable and logical and is the only proposed line from him to this
date.  It is likely that, because of the lack of documentation, this
line of descent to VA will always be no more than circumstantial.

Robert E. Blake of Quemberford, Wilts. a juror in an Inq. 22 Jan 1336
Richard Blaque, alias Blake of Wilts. m. Anne, daughter of William Cole
Henry Blake m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Edward Dorrant
  son and heir
William Blake m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Power
  son and heir
Henry Blake m. Margaret, daughter and co-heir of William Bellett
  son and heir
Robert Blake of Quemberford, Calne, Wilts, m. Avice, widow of Roger,
     son and heir of Jno. Malwyn, of Urchfont, Co. Wilts.  Avice d. 29
     Oct 13 Edw IV.
Robert Blake, of Calne, Co. Wilts, heir of bro. John 
John Blaque bur. Overstowey, 18 Aug 1558
Humphrey Blake of Overstowey, Som. bur. 28 Dec 1588, m. Anne
John Blake of Plainsfield, b. 1521, bur. 10 Dec 1576 m. Joan
     William Blake of Plainsfield, bur. 13 June 1642 m. Anne
          William Blake of Pitminster, bapt. 10 July 1594, d. bef. Jan
          1664 Dorchester, MA, m. Agnes Bond
Robert Blake, merchant of Bridgwater, Mayor of Bridgwater 1574, d. Oct
      1592, m. Margaret, daughter of Wm. Symonds of Taunton
     William Blake of Tuxwell b. 1561, d. after 1601
          William Blake, Capt/Commander of frigate Tresco, which was
          lost in 1651, off Jersey, Channel Is.
              Thomas Blake, on the frigate Centurion, 1656  [This
              Thomas disappeared from English records after this time.]
              [He is proposed as being the Thomas Blake of Isle of
              Wight Co., VA]
     Humphrey Blake of Bridgwater bapt. 26 May 1563, bur. 19 Nov 1625,
          m. Sarah, dau. of John Williams of Powlett, Som., 12 sons, 1
          #1 Sir Robert Blake, Admiral, General of the Sea for
             Cromwell, M. P. for Bridgwater 1640, bapt. 27 Sep 1598,
             bur. 4 Aug 1657
          #11 Benjamin Blake of Bridgwater bapt. 7 Nov 1614 Joseph
             Blake of Plainsfield bapt. 26 Apr 1663, d. bef. 7 Oct
             1700, Gov. of South Carolina

The information about William Blake who was Capt/Commander of the
Frigate Tresco and whose son Thomas was on the Frigate Centurion in
1656, came from the will of Sir Robert Blake, 1656.  This Sir Robert
never married.  He was the Admiral and General of the Sea for Oliver
Cromwell.  Only Thomas Blake of Isle of Wight Co., VA, has been
proposed as the Thomas on the Frigate Centurion.

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