I am the genealogist for the Richard Pratt Family of Bibb Co., AL.  
This represents only the earliest generations and is a small portion 
of what I have, and is given here without references.  In 1998 we had 
the 75th Annual Reunion of the descendants of Richard Pratt in the 
Schultz Creek Baptist Church, River Bend, Bibb Co., AL.  The family 
has met on July 4th every year since 1924.  A typed genealogy, The 
Pratt Family,  was issued in 1966, by Dr. Cary McCord, a Pratt 
descendant, compiled by Helen U. Lofquist, of Chicago. 
Richard PRATT b. 1765 probably Rowan Co., NC, d. 10 Jul 1822 River   
  Bend, Bibb Co., AL, m.c. 1789 Rockingham? Co., NC, Rebecca BEAVERS  
  b. 1770 Rowan? Co., NC, d. 16 Jun 1847 River Bend, Bibb Co., AL,  
  dau. of William and Abigail BEAVERS of the Surry Co. area.  Both are
  bur. in the Pratt-Wallace Cem., River Bend.  Richard's tombstone has
  two errors on it.  It says he was b. Stokes Co., SC.  There never  
  was a Stokes Co., SC and no Stokes Co. when he was born.  Stokes  
  Co., NC was formed in 1789 from Surry Co., and Surry Co., was formed  
  in 1770 from Rowan Co.  If he were born in this area it would have  
  been in Rowan Co. 
  1 Hopkins PRATT b. 17 Dec 1791 Rockingham Co., NC, d. 11 (t.s.) 27  
    (Bible) Feb 1841 Bibb Co., AL, bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem., River  
     Bend, Bibb Co., m. 7 Mar 1816 Warren Co., TN Sarah DICKERSON b.  
     1800 NC.  Sarah m(2) 11 Feb 1845 Centreville  Duncan JOHNSON, 
     the father of Joshua West JOHNSON who m. Mariah BLAKE (see #44) 
    11 Rebecca Caroline PRATT b. 8 Apr 1817 AL?, d. 19 Jul 1825 Bibb  
    12 Griselda PRATT b. 28 Dec 1818 Cahawba Co., AL Terr., d.                    
       m. 22 Sep 1836 Bibb Co., William F. BURKHALTER b.c. 1812 TN. To  
       MS c. 1842 and to TX c. 1854.
    13 Clarissa PRATT b. 8 Dec 1820 Cahawba Co., AL, d. 23 Jul 1845,  
       m. 26 Apr 1838 Bibb Co., Isaac BURKHALTER b. 1818 TN as his  
       first wife.  He m(2) Caroline       b. 1832 AL who is with him  
       in the 1850 census.  In the 1850 census he has a son, McGinnis,  
       aged 5, who could be a son of Clarissa born about the time she  
       died.  I don't know where she died and I don't  know when he  
       moved to MS.  Certainly Melton, aged 1 is a son of Caroline and  
       not a Pratt descendant.
    14 Durana PRATT b. 16 Feb 1823 Bibb Co., d. 17 Jul 1899 Bibb Co.,  
       m. 22 Oct 1841 Bibb Co. Pulaski WALLACE b. 2 Feb 1821 AL, d. 1  
       Apr 1900 Bibb Co., both bur. in Pratt-Wallace Cem.
    15 Hampton PRATT b. 2 Sep 1825 Bibb Co., d. 4 Dec 1906 Sabine Co.,
       TX, m. 6 Jan 1846 Bibb Co., Mary Lucinda POTTS b. Feb 1828 AL,  
       d. 24 Mar 1908 Sabine Co., TX.  They had 11 ch., 4 living in  
       1900 census.  He was bur. in Hemphill Cem.
    16 Zilpha PRATT b. 20 Jun 1828 Bibb Co., m. 17 Jan 1853 Bibb Co.,  
       Harvey Pressley COTTINGHAM b. 17 Jul 1836 Bibb Co., d. 2 Feb  
       1879 Bibb Co., bur. Cottingham Cem.  She was listed in the 1850  
       census with Duncan JOHNSON, Fam. #497, as named Johnson.
       (For further descendants of this family see  The Cottinghams  
        of Bibb County, Alabama,  Vol 1, p. 71-3.)
    17 Marshall J. PRATT b. 31 Oct 1830 Bibb Co., d. 30 Aug 1899  
       Hemphill, Sabine Co., TX, m. 24 Nov 1853 Centreville, Eliza  
       Windbush COCHRAN b. 13 Feb 1838 Perry Co., AL, d. 4 Jan 1918  
       Brookland, Sabine Co., dau. of Rev. Wm. L. Cochran.  He was  
       listed in the 1850 census with Duncan JOHNSON, Fam. #497, as  
       named Johnson which is an error.  He served in Co. B, 44th AL,  
       Inf. Regt.
    18 Andrew Jackson PRATT b. 10 Sep 1834 Bibb Co., d. c. 1863 m.  
       Missouri EASLEY . To TX.  He was in the C.S.A. He was listed in
       the 1850 census with Duncan JOHNSON, Fam. #497 as named Johnson  
       which was an error.
    19 Mary Elizabeth PRATT b. 29 Jan 1837 Bibb Co., d. 25 Oct 1909 m.
       14 Jan 1863 Bibb Co. John Leith WALLACE b. 27 Nov 1826, d. 13  
       Aug 1908.  Both bur. Six Mile Presby. Cem.  He was the widower  
       of her cousin Frances Myra PRATT (#2X).  He was a son of  
       Matthew WALLACE and Rachel LEETH.  Matthew was a son of John  
       WALLACE for whom John BLAKE gave a witness statement in 1832 as
       having seen his discharge certificate from the Revolutionary  
       Army.  She was listed in the Duncan JOHNSON family in 1850  
       census, Fam. #497, and 1860 census, Fam. #948.  John was a  
       cousin of Pulaskie Wallace.  The name of Pulaskie's father is  
       not known at this time.
    1X Absalom PRATT II b. 11 Sep 1839 Bibb Co., killed in Battle of  
       Resacca, a 3rd Sgt., Co. D, 20th AL Regt. m. 6 Aug 1863 Bibb  
       Co., Sarah Ann CREWS.  No children.  She m(2) H. H. Splawn.  He  
       was listed in the 1850 Census with Duncan JOHNSON, Fam. #497,  
       as named Johnson, and in 1860, Fam. #948, named Pratt.
    1A Margaret Lucy PRATT b. 16 Nov 1841, d. 16 Jan 1847.  
       (Ref. Hampton Pratt's Bible.  Without proof, I think this girl  
       is Hampton's sister.  In his Bible, Hampton listed the births  
       of only his children, his brothers, his sisters, and a few of  
       the children of his sister Durana.  He did not list any of his  
       other nephews and neices.  She was b. 8 months after Hopkins  
       died.  As she d. in 1847, she was never listed in any census. 
  2 Absolem PRATT b. 22 Jun 1793 Stokes Co., NC, d. 9 Jul 1845 Bibb  
    Co., m. 7 Mar 1822 Bibb Co., Mary DICKERSON (sister of Hopkins  
    PRATT's wife Sarah DICKERSON) b. Dec 1800 NC, d. 4 Jun 1882 Bibb  
    Co., both bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem. 
    21 James Harvey PRATT b. 26 Dec 1822 Bibb Co., d. 27 Aug 1908  
       River Bend, m(1) 21 Dec 1854 Bibb Co., Eliza Lucinda BRASWELL  
       b. 22 Mar 1840 AL, d. 2 Jan 1865 Bibb Co., daughter of Allen  
       BRAZELL and Elizabeth WARDROUP.  Only the application is on  
       record.  The licence was never returned to the Court House to  
       show a marriage had taken place.
    21 James Harvey PRATT m(2) 28 Nov 1872 Bibb Co., Azalea C. MILLER.
    22 Rebecca Beavers PRATT b. 12 Jul 1824 Bibb Co., d. 19 Feb 1869  
       Noxubee Co. MS, m. 22 Sep 1842 Bibb Co., Ebenezer Robinson  
       GLASS b. 15 Nov 1819/20  SC, d. 6 Oct 1907 Travis, Falls Co.,  
       TX, bur. Phillips Cem.
    23 Joab Marion PRATT b. 28 Nov 1825 Bibb Co., d. 5 Jul 1845 Bibb  
       Co., of typhoid fever.  A twin.  In Aug 1842 he was called  
       before the Schultz Creek Church for "some misconduct" but he  
       gave satisfaction to the church and the church was to bear with  
    24 John Washington PRATT b. 28 Nov 1825 Bibb Co., d. after 1870,  
       m(1) before 1850 Martha ALLISON b. c. 1834 Ga., d. c. 1851,  
       soon after their son was born.
    24 John Washington PRATT m(2) Emma (WEATHERED) McLEOD, a widow,  
       who d.c. 1868.  He was alone on the 1870 Census, Fam. #108, p.  
    25 Richard Hopkins PRATT b. 17 Dec 1827 Bibb Co., d. 14/17 Sep  
       1908 Six Mile, Bibb Co., m(1) 26 Feb 1857 Bibb Co., Amanda  
       SUTTLE b. 22 Jan 1837 Bibb Co., d. 3 Nov 1871 Bibb Co., bur.  
       Sandy Chapel Cem., m(2) 19 Oct 1872 Bibb Co., Arvezena PETERS  
       b. 27 Nov 1839, d. 14 Nov 1918.  He was a Cpt. in Co. D, 20th  
       AL Inf. Regt., C.S.A.  A biography, Richard Hopkins Pratt  
       and The Six Mile Academy, was pub. in 1965 by Ray M.  
       Atchison and G. Benton Towry and included all his known  
       descendants through 1965.  His second wife, Arvezena, had no  
    26 Leonard Callaway PRATT b. 21 May 1829  Bibb Co., d. 27 Apr 1918  
       Bibb Co., m. 23 Oct 1861 Bibb  Co., Mary Jane CLEMENTS b. 9 Jun  
       1840 Bibb Co., d. 23 May 1923, both bur. Schultz Creek Baptist  
       Church Cem.  The marr. lic. application is recorded in the  
       court house but without the return of the license with the date  
       of marriage and the minister's signature,  it is only an  
       application.  The license must be returned to have the record  
       made of the marriage.  Without this, the State of Alabama does   
       not know that a marriage has been performed and there is no  
       LEGAL record.
    27 William Fletcher PRATT b. 20 Dec 1830 Bibb Co., d. 17 Apr 1866,  
       bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem.  Pvt, Co. D, 20th AL Inf. Regt.
    28 Theodocia PRATT b. 2 Sep 1832 River Bend, d. 19 Jan 1893 River  
       Bend, bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem., m(1) James R. GLASS   ch?
    28 Theodocia PRATT m(2) c. 1860? David H. WEAVER
    29 Sarah Myrah PRATT b. 11 May 1834 Bibb Co., d. 20 Jul 1866 Bibb   
       Co., bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem.
    2X Frances Myrah PRATT b. 3 Dec 1835 Bibb Co., d. 20 Mar 1862 Bibb  
       Co.,  bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem., m(1) 16 Dec 1858 Bibb Co., John  
       Leith WALLACE.  He m(2) 14 Jan 1863 her cousin, Mary Elizabeth  
       PRATT  #19.
    2A Mary Abigail PRATT b. 12 May 1839 Bibb Co., d. 15 Jul 1845,  
       bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem.
    2B Martha Amanda PRATT b. 27 Jul 1841 Bibb Co., d. 9 Jun 1845,  
       bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem.                                                           
  3 Maria PRATT b. late 1794 or very early 1795, as her sister,  
    Theodocia, was b. 11 Dec 1795, not 1805, as given in The  
    Prat Family.  In the 1810 census Richard's oldest daughter is  
    listed as age 16 and under 26.  The second daughter, which  
    would be Theodocia, is age 10 and under 16.  She m. William  
    FLETCHER and d. probably before 1850 as she does not appear in the  
    1850 census with her husband.  William Fletcher b.c. 1790 VA is  
    listed with Pulaski Wallace on the 1850 census of Bibb Co., Fam.  
    #1059.  They had no children.
  4 Theodocia PRATT b. 11 Dec 1795 Stokes Co., NC, d. 20 Oct 1877 Bibb  
    Co., m. 19 Sep 1819 Cahawba Co., AL Terr., Archibald Henry BLAKE  
    Sr. d. 8 Dec 1795 Elbert Co., GA, d. 9 Jun 1874 River Bend. 
  5 Joab PRATT b.c. 1797 Stokes Co., N.C., d. probably Union Co., AR  
    after 1860, m. Frances H. VERNON, b. c. 1798 VA, dau. of Obediah  
    51 Mary Adeline PRATT b. 1815/1820 Bibb Co., d. 1836 Bibb Co., m.  
       21 Dec 1834 Jesse MILLER b. 1805 GA. 
    52 William F. PRATT b. c. 1823 Bibb Co., d. m. 1 Jan 1846 Saline  
       Co., AR Susan Elizabeth HOLBERT b. 1829 AL 
    53 Mariah J. PRATT b. c. 1826 AL, m. 2 Oct 1840 Bibb Co., John C.  
       GOODSON b. c. 1822 AL 
    54 Absolum J. PRATT b. c. 1830 Bibb Co. 
    55 Jno. B. PRATT b. c. 1832 Bibb Co. 
    56 Nehimiah E. PRATT b. c. 1835 Bibb Co. 
    57 Joab L.(H) PRATT b. c. 1837 Bibb Co., m. Emma L. b. c. 1846 GA  
    58 Frances A. PRATT b. c. 1840 Bibb Co. 
    59 Amaziah R. C. PRATT b. c. 1845 Union Co., m. 29 Dec 1881 Grant  
       Co., AR, Matie ASHLOCK 
  6 Mary Abigail PRATT b. 10 Nov 1800 Stokes Co., d. 4 Aug 1845 Bibb  
    Co., m. Joel LOWREY b. 8 Nov 1790 Rhea Co.,TN, d. 8 Jan 1881 Bibb  
    Co., both bur. Pratt-Wallace Cem 
    61 Sarah Maria LOWREY b. 22 Sep 1820 TN, d. 6 Aug 1894 Winn Par.,  
       LA, m. about 1840 Thomas Alexander JORDAN Sr. b. 23 Nov 1814 TN,  
       d. 22 Jul 1888 Winn Par., LA. Both bur. Zion Hill Baptist  
       Church, Winn Par. 
    62 John LOWREY Sr. b. 22 Feb 1822 TN, d. 27 Jan 1912, bur. Schultz  
       Creek, m.c. 1847 Jane E. GOODSON b. 2 Dec 1831 AL, d. 20 Aug  
       1905. She had 11 children of whom 8 were living in 1900. She was  
       a sister of John C. GOODSON who m. Mariah J. PRATT (#53). 
    63 James Harvey LOWREY b. c. 1824 TN., d. 11 Sep 1866, AL, m.  
       Elizabeth R. RILEY b.c. 1830, d. 30 Nov 1917. He was a Baptist  
    64 Hannah Adaline LOWREY b.c. 1826, d. aft 1893, m. Azar N. HAYES  
       d. bef. 1893 
    65 Rebecca C. Lowrey b.c. 1828 TN, d. aft 1893, m. Henry T. HALL d.  
       aft 1893 66 Mary Ann LOWREY b.c. 1829 TN, d. aft 1893, m. James  
       L. WOOD 
    67 Leander Perry LOWREY b. 1831 AL, d. bef. 1893, m. Mary A. SMITH  
       b. 1835 MS 
    68 Fletcher William LOWREY b. 21 Jul 1832 AL, d. 20 May 1920, m.c.  
       1876 Alice Adora THOMAS  
    69 Joel Barton LOWREY b. 6 Mar 1834 AL, d. aft 1893, m. Mary  
       Elizabeth THOMAS 
    6X Charles Carrol LOWREY b.c. 1836 AL, d. bef. 1893 
    6A Newton Isaac LOWREY b.c. 1838 AL, d. bef. 1893
  7 John C. PRATT b. c. 1807 Stokes Co., m. Celia PUMPHREY b.c. 1807  
    SC. The 1810 census of Iredell Co., NC, says he is under age 10. 
    71 Jesse Pumphrey PRATT b. 1830 Bibb Co., AL, d. AR, m. 30 Jun 1853
       Union Co. Martha FORD b. 30 Jun 1835 Washington Co., AL d. 23  
       Apr 1866 Union Co. 
    72 Hopkins L. PRATT b. 1832 Bibb Co., m. 10 Dec 1854 Saline Co.  
       Minerva LOCKHEART b. 1835 AL 
    73 Frances PRATT b. 1834 Bibb Co. 
    74 Margaret A. b. 1836 AL 
    75 Evelina H. PRATT b. c. 1836 AL 
    76 Amanda H. PRATT b. c. 1839 AL 
    77 Benjamin F. PRATT b. c. 1841 AL 
    78 Isel B. PRATT b. 1841 AL 
    79 John C. PRATT b. c. 1843 AL 
    7X Wiley R. PRATT b. c. 1845 AL 
    7A William C. PRATT b. c. 1847 AL

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