Through the third generation.

The Henry Numbering System is used in the following descendant charts,
modified only by using upper case letters instead of lower case.  Data
from NDT and WTL is marked as such.  Many of the descendants listed 
here have been sent to me and are not from my research.  NDT was at one
time the genealogist for the Stovall Family Asso. and issued Vol. 1 of 
a proposed two volume set on the Stovall family.  Vol. 2 was not 

David LEWIS Jr. m(1) Rebecca STOVALL b. about 1726 Henrico Co., VA,  
  daughter of George and Elizabeth STOVALL.  Ref. NDT p. 51.  It can  
  be estimated by the birth date of their first child, Rachel, in  
  about 1745, that they were married in about 1744.  Rebecca was last  
  recorded as living on 8 Jul 1762 when she relinquished dower in  
  court to one of her husband's deeds.
  1 Rachel LEWIS b.c. 1745 Albemarle Co., d. after 24 Jan 1803  
    Granville Co., NC.  She was married by 13 Aug 1760 to Henry GRAVES
    of Granville Co., NC.  By her will and that of Henry GRAVES, dated
    12 Jul 1797, the heirs of Henry GRAVES were Ralph GRAVES, David  
    GRAVES, daughters Betsy N. GRAVES m. Obediah FARRAR and Mary  
    GRAVES wife of Lewis YANCEY.  NDT was not sure which, if any, of  
    these children were children of Rachel.  Most of the data on  
    Rachel and her heirs is from NDT p. 53.  Later generations have  
    been added here as Kenneth GRAVES, a GRAVES family researcher and  
    Dennis J. YANCEY, a YANCEY family researcher, both feel that all  
    of Henry's children were Rachel's children.  Neither think that  
    Henry was married twice.  I have added some from my research.   
    Rachel was in the 1800 census of Granville Co., NC, p. 511, as  
    aged over 45, with one male 16-26.  For these to be her children,  
    Rachel had to have been married by age 15.  For Mary GRAVES to  
    have married Lewis YANCEY by 1775, [and she was], she would have  
    had to be Rachel's first child and to have married Lewis by age  
    15.  This is entirely possible but no proof has been found.  By  
    the use of the 1800 census, the four children listed in the wills  
    can be worked into the family of Rachel.  
    11 Mary GRAVES b.c. 1760, m. by 31 Jan 1775 Granville Co., NC,  
       Lewis YANCEY b.c 1750 VA, d.c. 1819 Granville Co., NC, son of  
       James YANCEY of VA.  1800 census Granville Co., NC, p. 540.
      111 Jane YANCEY b.c. 1775 Granville Co., NC, d. m(1) 20 Jul 1790
          Granville Co., NC, William CHRISTMAS b. aft. 1764 Warren  
          Co., NC, d. 11 Apr 1804 Warren Co., NC, son of Thomas  
          CHRISTMAS and Sarah DUKE.  1800 census Granville Co., NC, p.
          795.  William CHRISTMAS m(2) ___ GREEN, dau. of John GREEN.   
          There were several men named John GREEN in the 1810 and 1820
          censuses of Granville and Warren Cos., NC.
        1111 Thomas H. CHRISTMAS b. c. 1792 Warren Co., NC, m.  
             Margaret L. J. WILLIAMS b.c. 1795 NC
        1112 William D. CHRISTMAS b.c. 1794 Warren Co., NC
        1113 Jane Yancey CHRISTMAS b.c. 1795 Warren Co., NC
        1114 Mary L. CHRISTMAS b.c. 1796 Warren Co., NC, m. John DAVIS
             b.c. 1795 Warren Co., NC
        1115 Lewis Yancey CHRISTMAS b.c. 1797 Warren Co., NC
        1116 Lucy D. CHRISTMAS b.c. 1799 Warren Co., NC, m. John H.  
             MARSHALL b.c. 1795 Warren Co., NC.
      112 Henry Graves YANCEY b.c. 1777 NC, d.c. 1848 Granville Co.,  
          NC m(1) 15 Jan 1805 Granville Co., NC, Elizabeth ROYSTER,  
          dau. of William ROYSTER and Sarah PURYEAR
          m(2) 10 Apr 1813 Warren Co., NC, Sarah GREEM, dau. of John  
          GREEN and Polly CHRISTMAS.
          1820 census Granville Co., NC, p. 023 Henry YANCEY
    12 Ralph GRAVES b. 26 Oct 1764, d.c. 1825, m. 26 Feb 1789  
       Granville Co., NC, Elizabeth BRIGGS
       1800 census Granville Co., NC, p. 548 
       1810 Granville Co., NC, p. 120 
       1820 Granville Co., NC, p. 023.
    13 David GRAVES b. 1760 - 1774, m. about 1796 Nancy HUNT b. 10 Apr  
       1776 nr Oxford, Granville Co., NC, dau. of Memucan HUNT and  
       Mary WADE.  
       1800 census Granville Co., NC, p. 549, 1810 census Granville  
            Co., NC, p. 120.
    14 Betsey Newberry GRAVES b.1760 - 1774, m. about 1799, Obediah  
       FARRAR b.c. 1752 Mechlenburg Co., VA, son of John FARRAR and  
       Rebecca PURYEAR.  She was not married at the time her father  
       made his will.  She was married when Rachel made her will.   
       1800 Census, Wake Co., NC, p. 730      
   2 Prudence LEWIS b.c. 1747 Albemarle Co., d. probably between 10  
     Jun and 21 Nov 1771 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  She m.c. 1762 her  
     cousin Thomas STOVALL.  He made his will 21 Nov 1771 which did  
     not name his wife.  On 9 Dec 1771 his will was filed for probate.  
     All data on Prudence and her heirs is from NDT p. 130-1.
     21 Rebecca STOVALL b.c. 1764 
     22 Susannah STOVALL b.c. 1766, living Sep 1795, m. George JOHNSON
     23 John STOVALL b.c. 1767, living 9 Nov 1789
     24 Mary STOVALL b.c. 1768, living unmarried in Wilkes Co., GA 16  
        Dec 1797.
   3 Mildred LEWIS b.c. 1749 Albemarle Co., m. William HAILD and moved  
     to Union Co., SC.
     31 Rebecca HAILD b. before 1773, living 23 Dec 1794 Union Co.,  
     32 Sarah HAILD b. before 1773, living 23 Dec 1794 Union Co., SC.  
        [Author's speculation about this family.  WTL p. 198, says  
        that Mildred m. a Mr. HALE and no further information was  
        known.  The deed in Albemarle Co. dated 23 Dec 1794 shows that  
        Rebecca and Sarah HAILD of Union Co., SC, sold a tract of land  
        in Albemarle Co., to James LEWIS, which they received as heirs  
        of William HAILD, deceased, who received it as a bequest from  
        the will of David LEWIS Jr.  Obviously, this William has a  
        connection to David Jr.  Since WTL said that Mildred m. a Mr.  
        HALE, it is more logical for me to think that William could be  
        David's son-in-law and Rebecca and Sarah could be his  
        grandchildren.  NDT did not find this deed when he was  
        compiling the STOVALL genealogy.  In a phone conversation with  
        him, he said he disagrees with this theory and feels that  
        William most likely was David's grandson and Rebecca and Sarah  
        were his sisters.  It seems less speculative to me to think of  
        William as a son-in-law with his wife deceased, than his  
        theory that he was a grandson.  William HAILD's executor Fedr.  
        CROWDER, filed for letters of adm. 25 Mar 1789,  Court  
        Minutes, Union Co., SC.  No will has been found and no list of  
        heirs is known.  There are four persons in the 1790 census  
        of Union Co. named HAIL and Rebecca and Sarah could be living  
        with any of these.  They are named Hannah, Daniel and two men  
        named John.  There are three named Hail in the 1800 census,  
        Hannah, John and Benjamin.  Research will continue on this  
David LEWIS Jr. m(2) after 8 Jul 1762 Albemarle Co., Elizabeth  
   LOCKHART of Albemarle Co.  She d. 1796 Spartanburg Co., SC. 
   4 David LEWIS III b. 15 May 1763 Albemarle Co., d. 27 Mar 1817  
     Spartanburg Co., SC, m(1) 20 Apr 1790 Spartanburg Co. Margaret  
     WOOD, d. 1798 Spartanburg Co.
     41 Jane Terrell LEWIS b. 1790 Spartanburg Co., m. Samuel LANGDON,  
        d. Haywood Co., TN.
     42 Elizabeth LEWIS b. 1791 Spartanburg Co., m. William BISHOP,  
        moved to Jefferson Co., AL.
       421 Frances BISHOP
     43 William Wood LEWIS b. 1793 Spartanburg Co., never married.
     44 Thomas Farrar LEWIS b. 1796 Spartanburg  Co., d. 1821  
        Montgomery, AL, m. a widow but had no children.  
     45 Frances Micham LEWIS b. 1797 Spartanburg Co., m. in GA, _____  
        SANDFORD. Moved to TN and then KY. 
   4 m(2) 8 Sep 1800 Spartanburg Co., Margaret BALLENGER
     46 James Boone LEWIS b. 1801, killed in 1811 when a wagon ran  
        over him.
     47 Tabitha LEWIS b. 1803, d. young.
     48 Margaret Wood LEWIS b. 3 Sep 1804 Spartanburg Co., m(1) 1824  
        Spartanburg Co., James RODDY, a blacksmith, moved to Hatchie  
        River area of West TN where he d. 1835.  In 1836 she moved to  
        Boone Co., MO near Province Landing.
       481 Nancy Lewis RODDY b. 1825 TN, d. 1857 of cancer, m(1) 1839  
           James BALLENGER d. 1843, m(2) 1847 Bradford LANHAM. 
       482 Frances T. RODDY b. 1827 TN, m(1) 1842 Washington DUNN, d.  
           1849 of cramp colic.  m(2) 1852 B. F. OSCAR
       483 Louamma RODDY b. 1829 TN, d. 1831 TN.
       484 Robert A. RODDY b. 1831 TN, 1853 Sallie G. TUTTLE
       485 James H. RODDY b. 1835 TN, m. 1855 Sallie BALLENGER 
     48 m(2) 1842 James DUNN who d. 1852 and she d. 18 Jan 1860.
       486  William Lewis DUNN b. 1844
     49 Hannah Young LEWIS b. 1807, m. 1824 Spartanburg Co., Alberry  
        John WINGO
       491 Mary WINGO b. & d. 1825
       492 Margaret Lewis WINGO b. 1827, d. 1828
       493 John Washington WINGO b. 1829, m. Rosa Caroline CALDWELL
       494 Thomas Simpson WINGO b. 1831
       495 Demarquis Lafayette WINGO b. 1835, m. Mrs. Martha TAPP.
       496 Martha Ann WINGO b. 1838
       497 Ramson Marion WINGO b. 1841
       498 Alberry Decater WINGO b. 1843.  
     4X Taliaferro LEWIS b. 1810, d. young
     4A Mary Wood LEWIS b. 1812 , d. young 
   5 Elizabeth LEWIS b.c. 1765 Albemarle Co., m. William ANDERSON and  
     moved to GA
     51 Lewis ANDERSON
     52 Polly AMDERSON
     53 Jane ANDERSON, m. ______ CANE or McCANE.
   6 Joel LEWIS b. 26 Sep 1767 Albemarle Co., d. 1815 Spartanburg Co.,  
     m. 5 Oct 1798 Spartanburg Co. Mary Wood MACHEN of Greenville, SC.
     61 Frances Machen LEWIS b. Oct 1799, m. 21 Nov 1816 John Sharpe  
        ROWLAND, her 2nd cousin, 1 Aug 1795, son of Thomas ROWLAND and  
        Mildred LEWIS.  They moved near to Cartersville, Bartow Co.,  
        GA.  He d. 1863 in Atlanta, GA.
       611 Mary Lewis ROWLAND b. 1818, m(1) 1836 Spartanburg C. H.,  
           Joseph MICHAEL d. 1840, m(2) 1851 Dr. S. C. EDGEWORTH and  
           moved to Cass Co., GA.
       612 Mildred Emily ROWLAND b. 1819, m. 1838 Henry H. THOMPSON.   
           She d. 1869 Spartanburg C. H.
       613 John Lewis ROWLAND b. 1822, d. in infancy.
       614 Eliza Frances ROWLAND b. 1824
       615 Joel Thomas ROWLAND b. 1827, m. 1852 Louisa J. KEITH of  
           Athens, McMinn Co., TN, d. 1852.
       616 John Leonidas ROWLAND b. 1830
       617 William Lewis ROWLAND b. 1833, m. 1855 Serene J. DILLARD of  
           Laurens Co., SC.  Later moved to Cass Co., GA
       618 Joseph Preston ROWLAND b. 1835, d. in infancy.
       619 Harriet Elizabeth ROWLAND b. 1837, d. in infancy.
       61X Joseph Henry ROWLAND b. 1839, d. in infancy.
       61A Robert Hayne ROWLAND b. 1842.  
     62 Dr. John Wood LEWIS b. 1 Feb 1801, d. 1865 Canton, Bartow Co.,  
        GA, m. 1 Jan 1835 Maria EARLE of Pendleton, SC, dau. of Samuel  
        and Harriet EARLE. 
       621 Harriet Frances LEWIS b. 8 Jun 1836, m. 4 Jul 1856 Col.  
           James R. BROWN of Canton, Cherokee Co., GA.
       622 Pickens R. LEWIS b. 1 Jun 1838, d. 1892, m. 26 Oct 1858  
           Laura J. EDWARDS, lived in Cass Co., GA.  He was a Pvt.,  
           Co. A, 23rd GA Inf., Confederate Army. 
       623 Mary W. LEWIS b. 27 Nov 1840, m. 4 Feb 1868, John D. THOMAS
       624 Baylis John LEWIS b. 15 Mar 1844, m. 1 Sep 1870 Ella  
           SHOCKLEY.  He was a Pvt, Co. B, 34th GA Inf.
       625 Mildred Earle LEWIS b. 7 Apr 1847, m. 27 Feb 1867 David C.  
           MASTIN and moved to Kansas City, MO area.
       626 Edward E. LEWIS b. 29 Oct 1849, m. 10 May 1870 lived near  
           Rome, GA.
       627 John Wood LEWIS b. 11 Jan 1853, m. 27 Jan 1874  lived at  
           Marietta, GA.  
   7 Pleasant LEWIS b.c. 1769 possibly Albemarle Co., d. 8 Jun 1848  
     Spartanburg Co., m. 21 Nov 1784 Spartanburg, Edward BALLENGER Jr.
     b. 27 Jan 1761 Culpeper Co., VA., d. 6 Aug 1823 Spartanburg
     71 James BALLENGER b. 5 Sep 1785 Spartanburg Co., m. Mahala  
     72 Margaret BALLENGER b. 1 Apr 1788 Spartanburg Co., m. _________
     73 John Lewis BALLENGER b. 29 Nov 1790 Spartanburg Co., d. 3 Feb-
        2 Apr 1851 Pickens Dist., SC, m.c. 1819 Mahala FOSTER b.c.  
        1802 Spartanburg Co., d. after 1870   
       731 James Alexander BALLENGER b.6 Nov  1820 Spartanburg Co.,  
           SC, d. 4 May 1893 Oconee Co., SC, m.c. 1847 Marie E. b. 9  
           Mar 1814 Henderson Co., NC, d. 11 Jun 1883 Oconee Co., SC
       732 Frances M. BALLENGER b.c.  ____  m.  ______ Hurt 
       733 William D. BALLENGER b. 10 Aug 1824 Spartanburg Co., 14 Feb  
           1869 Oconee Co., SC, m(1) 1849 Martha M. DICKSON b. 11 Sep  
           1827 Pickens Dist., SC, d. 14 Aug 1858 Oconee Co., m(2) 22  
           Jun 1859 Sarah Ann HOLLY
       734 Edward Lewis BALLENGER b.25 Feb 1825 Spartanburg Co., d.  
           after 1863 in Civil War, m. 5 Oct 1848 Louisa Jane WARD b.  
           3 Jun 1824 Union Dist., SC, d. 21 Aug 1890 Oconee Co., SC. 
       735 Pleasant Elizabeth BALLENGER b.c. 1830 Spartanburg Co., m.  
           23 Aug 1860 Lamar MILLER
       736 Tabitha BALLENGER b.c. 1833 Spartanburg Co., m. 23 Dec 1858  
           Willis S. POLLARD
       737 Judith Ann BALLENGER b.c. 1835 Spartanburg Co.
       738 Lucinda Angeline BALLENGER b.c. 1838 Spartanburg Co. 
       739 John Richard BALLENGER b.c. 1840 Spartanburg Co.
       73X Jane Mahala BALLENGER b.c. 1845 Spartanburg or Pickens Co. 
     74 Presley Conner BALLENGER b. 9 May 1793 Spartanburg Co., d. 16  
        Aug 1839, m. Nancy DODD
       741 Mary Caroline BALLENGER b.7 Jun 1822 Spartanburg Co., d. 12  
           Jun 1912 Amarillo, Potter Co., TX, m.c. 1838 Spartanburg,  
           Maj. Calvin McDOWELL b. 24 Apr 1816 SC, d. 17 Sep 1878  
       742 Martha BALLENGER b.c. 1823 Spartanburg Co.
       743 Elias BALLENGER b.c. 1825 Spartanburg Co.
       744 Elizabeth BALLENGER b.c. 1829 Spartanburg Co.    
     75 Larkin Conner BALLENGER b.c. 1797 Spartanburg Co., m.  
        Elizabeth WOOD, dau. of John WOOD 
       751 William Y. BALLENGER b. 19 Feb 1825 Spartanburg Co., d. 9  
           Oct 1909 Spartanburg Co., m. 17 Dec 1856 Spartanburg Co.,  
           Nancy Matilda SEAY b. 17 Jun 1835 Spartanburg Co., d. 30  
           May 1910 Spartanburg Co.
     76 Rebecca Lavinia BALLENGER b. 7 Sep 1803 Spartanburg Co., m.  
        Henry COTHRAN
     77 Edward J. BALLEMGER b. 9 Sep 1805 Spartanburg Co., never  
     78 Elizabeth BALLENGER b. 8 Mar 1806 Spartanburg Co., m. William  
   8 Mary LEWIS (1) b.c. 1771, d. young
   9 William LEWIS b.c. 1773, d. young
   X John LEWIS b.c. 1775, d. 1815 Spartanburg Co., m. Framces CLARK
     X1 Joel LEWIS b. 1796 Spartanburg Co., d. near Gadsden, AL, m.  
        1821 Mrs. Ann Charlotte KRIDER
       X11 David Golightly LEWIS b. 1822, m. 1857 Elizabeth  
       X12 Frances Golightly LEWIS b. 1824, m. 1841 L. KENNEDY
       X13 Thomas Poole LEWIS b. 1826, m. Mary Jane GODDY
       X14 Dorothy Pickenpack LEWIS b. 1828, m. 1847 Thomas  
       X15 Mary Josephine LEWIS b. 1831, m. 1851 W. P. HOLLINGSWORTH
       X16 William John LEWIS b. 1833, d. 1853 Memphis, TN.
       X17 Marcus Jerome LEWIS b. 1835, d. 1850 Canton, GA.
       X18 Augustus Frazier LEWIS b. 1837
       X19 Eliza Catherine LEWIS b. & d. 1840.
   A Rebecca LEWIS b.c. 1777 Spartanburg Co., SC, d. 30 Oct 1855  
     Talladega Co., AL, m.c. 1798 Spartanburg Co., John MORRIS  b.c.  
     1765, d. 16 Mar 1845 Coosa Co., AL
     A1 Prudence MORRIS b.c. 1799 Spartanburg Co., d. 1833 Bibb Co.,  
        AL, m(1) Martin HAGGARD d. before 24 Apr 1820 Cahawba (Bibb)  
        Co., AL.
       A11  Martin HAGGARD d. a young man
     A1 m(2) 21 Mar 1824 Bibb Co., AL, John STARLING, who died about  
       A12 Francis STARLING b.c. 1827 Bibb Co., AL.  In 1859, he was a  
           drygoods clerk in Montgomery, AL.
     A2 Letty MORRIS b.c. 1801 Spartanburg Co., d. Spring 1835 Bibb  
        Co., AL, m. 14 Mar 1820 Cahawba (Bibb) Co., AL, Duncan JOHNSON  
        b.c. 1797 Bladen Co., NC, d. 30 Oct 1877 Banner, Calhoun  
        Co., MS, bur. Banner Cem.
     A3 Baylis MORRIS b.c. 1807 TN, d. 1889 Lawndale, Henderson Co.,  
        TX, m. 29 Sep 1829 Bibb Co., AL Jane HILL, (WTL) or NORTHCUTT
        (marr. lic.).  Moved to  Berlin,  Ashley Co., AR, before 1859. 
        She might have been the widow NORTHCUTT when she married  
       A31 Rufus King MORRIS b. 6 Nov 1830 Bibb Co., AL, d. 1899  
           Lawndale, Henderson Co., TX, m. 26 Sep 1867 Kaufman Co.,  
           TX, Mary Catherine PALMER b. 29 Mar 1844 TN, d. 11 Nov  
           1895 Kaufman Co., TX. 
       A32 Rebecca Caroline MORRIS b.c. 1833 AL, m. G. W. SNAPP of  
           Talladega Co., AL.
       A33 Margaret E. MORRIS b.c. 1837 AL
       A34 John Hill MORRIS b.c. 1840 AL
       A35 Andrew Jackson MORRIS b.c. 1841 AL
       A36 James William MORRIS b.c. 1843 AL
       A37 Robert Cannon MORRIS b.c. 1845 AL, m. Arah    b. 1852 AR
       A38 Frances MORRIS b.c. 1846 AL
       A39 Josephine MORRIS b.c. 1849 AL
       A3X Missouri Alabama MORRIS b.c. 1853 AL
     A4 Rebecca MORRIS b.c. 1809 TN, d. 1863 nr. Fayetteville,  
        Talladega Co., AL, m. Jacob JOHNSON
        A41 Mitchell JOHNSON
        A42 Porter JOHNSON d. before 1859
        A43 James Davis JOHNSON b.c. 1828 AL
        A44 Russell JOHNSON
        A45 John JOHNSON b.c. 1835 AL
        A46 Jane JOHNSON b.c. 1838 AL
        A47 Robert JOHNSON b.c. 1844 AL, died before 1859.   
      A5 Andrew Jackson MORRIS b.c. 1811 TN, m. 4 May 1853  
         Centreville, Bibb Co., AL, Mrs. Charity (DAVIS) PEARCE d.  
         in childbirth.
        A51 child unnamed, d. as infant
   B Prudence LEWIS b.c. 1779 Rutherford Co., m. Peter HAWKINS.  Moved  
     to West TN about 1824 where he died.  She was living in Haywood  
     Co., TN, in 1840.  Later she moved with her children to IL.
     B1 Rebecca HAWKINS, m.  ________ Lucas
     B2 Rev. John HAWKINS, Meth.
     B3 Rev. James HAWKINS, Meth.
     B4 William HAWKINS 
   C Mary LEWIS (II) b.c. 1781 Rutherford Co., NC, m.  ______   
     SAN(D)FORD.  Moved to TN and settled about 18 miles from  
   D James LEWIS b.c. 1784 Spartanburg Co., SC, d. 1818 Cumming,  
     Forsyth Co., GA, m. 1813 Spartanburg Co. Sarah DARBY b.c. 1790.  
     D1 James W. LEWIS b.c. 1815 Spartanburg Dist., SC, d. 1845  
        Hancock Co., GA, m. Emeline HENRY.
       D11 Thomas LEWIS
       D12 William LEWIS
       D13 Harriet LEWIS
       D14 Mary LEWIS
     D2 Hamilton Wiley LEWIS b.c. 1818, m.c. 1867 Dena Pearson b.c.  
       D21 Elsy W. LEWIS
       D22 Nancy Emaline LEWIS b. 10 Mar 1850 Milton Co., GA, d. 26  
           Apr 1928 Conroe, TX, m. 3 Aug 1866 GA, Richard Wilborn  
           GROGAN b. 7 Mar 1844 GA.
       D23 James M. LEWIS
       D24 etc. (WTL)
     D3 Judge Elsy W. LEWIS b. 1822 Spartanburg Dist., m. Martha Ann  
        HAWKINS.  Lived in Cumming, GA.
       D31 Celia Octavia LEWIS
       D32 Franklin Pierce LEWIS
       D33 James Buchanan LEWIS
     D4 Harriet LEWIS m. Henry HAWKINS, resided in Forsyth Co., GA.
       D41 Martha V. HAWKINS
       D42 Julia HAWKINS
       D43 Lafayette HAWKINS
       D44 etc. (WTL)
     D5 Mary LEWIS m. Wm. L. MANNING and moved to Clark Co., MS.   
        Later possibly moved to LA.
       D51 Harrison MANNING
       D52 Andrew MANNING
       D53 etc. (WTL)
     D6 John A. LEWIS m. Elizabeth DICKSON
     D7 William W. LEWIS
     D8 Nancy LEWIS m. John L. HAWKINS, resided in Forsyth Co., GA.
       D81 Claiborne HAWKINS
       D82 Alexander Stephens HAWKINS
       D83 etc. (WTL)

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