I am the Genealogist for the Blake and Pratt families of Bibb Co., AL.
Additions and corrections to the following data are welcomed.
Although I have many records, the lines of descent here are 
primarily my line and not much is given after 1900 for reasons of 

Much of the early data below came from the book by Kate Blake Daus,
(Mrs. Milton J.), Southern Blakes, 1956.  Much of the data below that
is not my line was furnished by others and has not been 
verified by me.

I published a genealogy of the Bibb Co., AL, branch of this family in 1988.  Copies are still available.

All researchers of this family owe Mrs. Daus a great debt for her
research into the family of Thomas Blake of Isle of Wight Co., VA, 
but she did make several errors.  The worst was claiming that 
Thomas was a grandson of Sir Robert Blake, the Admiral, and General 
of the Sea, of Cromwell.  Research has shown that this Sir Robert 
Blake never married and had no children.  She appears to have 
confused the Admiral with his grandfather, Sir Robert Blake, the 
Mayor of Bridgwater, Somerset.  The Admiral's father was Humphrey 
Blake, who had 12 sons and a daughter, the Admiral being his first 
child.  Details on the family are available from the Admiral Blake 
Museum in Bridgwater, Somerset.  The Admiral's house is now a 

From my research proving that John Blake of Bibb Co., AL, was a
descendant of Thomas Blake of Isle of Wight Co., VA, Betty (Bass)
Cleere of Hattiesburg, MS, has been accepted into the Colonial
Dames of the XVIIth Century.  Her National Number is II445.  She 
was also the first of John's descendants accepted into the D.A.R. 
on the Rev. War service of his father William Blake of Elbert Co., 
GA.  Her National D.A.R. Number is 572269.  

Thomas BLAKE's will dated 30 Jan 1707/8, proved 20 Dec 1709 Isle of
Wight Co., VA, (Will Book 2, p. 501), m. Alice d. after 1709.  It
is estimated he was born about 1640.

8 Jun 1664 Grant to Thomas Blake of 240 acres in Isle of Wight Co., 
VA, land due for transporting five persons, signed by  William 
Berkley, Knight, Governor
   [5 persons were transported for this land - Christopher 
   Pembroke, Thomas Ratcliffe, James Pester, Edith Patch, William 
   Virginia Land Office Patents Book 5, p. 305 [279]  The original
   book named the transported persons.  The copy of this book which 
   was microfilmed by the VA State Archives did not list many of 
   Nugent in her CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, 1934, used the original 
   book and listed the transported persons.  The number in brackets 
   is the page of the copy.
10 Nov 1665 William Cook Jr. sold 300 acres to Thomas Woodward, 
   adj. to Thomas Blake
   17th Cent. I. of W. Co., VA, by Boddie, p. 543
4 Sep 1666 Edmond Palmer and Alice his wife sell to Robert King 150  
   acres where Thomas Blake lives, adj. land of Nicholas Smith and  
   Palmer, to Roger Davis, to road to James City
   17th Cent. I. of W. Co., VA. by Boddie, p. 545
3 May 1669 Joseph Poole, by will appointed Elizabeth, his relict,  
   Exter. recorded 23 of 7ber 1669
   Security John Britt, Thomas Blake
   Wills and Administrations of I. of W. Co., VA, by Blanche Adams  
   Chapman, 1938, p. 19
18 Aug 1670 Grant to Thomas Blake of 400 acres of land in Isle of 
   Wight Co., VA, 240 acres of the aforesaid land being due by part 
   of a former patent bearing date of eighth of June 1664 and the 
   residue being 160 acres on a patent being dated 18 August 1670, 
   adjacient Thomas Kings land
   Virginia Land Office Patents Book 6, p. 305 
   [3 persons were transported for this 160 acres - Edward Lane, 
   John Rooks, Edward Phillips]
9 Jun 1781 William Phillips dying intestate, also rep. by his 
   relict, recorded 18 Jun 1681, Security George Bell, Thomas Blake
   Wills and Administrations of I. of W., VA, by Blanche Adams
   Chapman, 1938, p. 152
20 Oct 1691 Francis Nicholson granted to Maj. Arthur Allen 170 
   acres near Mr. Tooke, Capt. England, Thoas. Blake and Ed. 
   17th Cent. I. of W. Co., VA,by Boddie, p. 639
20 Oct 1691 John Wills of I. of W. Co. sells to Nathaniel Whitley 
   170 acres between Mr. Tooke, Capt. England, Thos. Blake and Ed. 
   Brantley, in Upper Parish, formerly purchased by Robert Flake,  
   granted to Maj. Ar. Allen
   17th Cent. I. of W., Co., VA, by Boddie, p. 639
9 Aug 1692 Arthur Allen of Lawnes Creek Par. sells to Robert Flake of  
   Upper Par. 170 acres lying between Thomas Tooke, Capt. England,  
   Thomas Blake and Edmund Brantley
   17th Cent. I. of W. Co., VA, by Boddie, p. 607
14 Nov-2 Dec 1695 shippers by the GEORGE of Plymouth England, Mr.  
   Thomas Blake bound from Plymouth England to Virginia
   PRO E 190 / 1055 / 3
26 Oct 1698 Shippers by the GEORGE of Plymouth England, Mr. Thomas  
   Blake bound from Plymouth England to Virginia
   PRO E 190 / 1058 / 2. 
9 Jun 1702 Thomas Blake and Alice his wife sell to John Prime for 3000  
   lb. tobo. 100 acres of land in I. of W. Co., part of a patent of 400  
   acres granted him 20 Oct 1670, adj. Thomas Tooke.
   Wit: Ar. Smith, John Brown
   17th Cent. I. of W. Co., VA, by Boddie, p. 647
26 Feb 1703 Shippers  by the JAMES of Plymouth England, Mr. Thomas  
    Blake bound from Plymouth England to Virginia
    PRO E 190 / 1062 / 28.
10 Apr 1704  Deed of Thomas Blake of Upper Par., to son William Blake  
   and Mary his wife, 100 acres in Upper Parish, Isle of Wight Co., VA,  
   (Alice Blake signs dower)
    Wit: Thos. Tooke, John Smith
    17the Cent. I. of W. Co., VA, by Boddie, p. 653
Nicholas Sessoms gave a similar tract to his daughter Mary Blake and
   son-in-law William Blake.  These appear to have been marriage gifts.
  1  William BLAKE Sr. [see below]
  2  Isodemius Christine BLAKE   m.       BURGESS
  3  Judith W. BLAKE     m.      SMITH
  4  Elizabeth BLAKE   m. Joseph POOLE

1 William BLAKE Sr.'s will dtd 1 Nov 1742, probated 12 Mar 1746 Isle  
  of Wight Co., VA, m. Jan 1704 Isle of Wight Co., Mary SESSOMS, dau.  
  of Nicholas and Katherine SESSOMS of Lawnes Creek Par., Surry Co.,  
  VA.  Nicholas's will was proven 21 Nov 1716 Surry Co., VA.  
    1  William BLAKE Jr.  [see below]
    2  John BLAKE d. bef. 3 Jun 1774 Wake Co., NC.
    3  Hannah BLAKE 
    4  Mary BLAKE
    5  Thomas BLAKE
       1  John BLAKE
       2  Ethelred BLAKE
       3  James BLAKE m. Sarah CLIFTON
       4  Samuel BLAKE d. 23 Jan 1807 Wake Co., NC, m. bef. 1770 Amey  
          RIDDECK, dau. of Nicholas REDDICK and Kathereine          
          [desc. from Barbara Stancliff]
           1  Howell BLAKE m. Nancy SEXTON
           2  James BLAKE m. Martha PAGE
           3  Thomas (Samuel) BLAKE b.c. 1770 m(1) 20 Mar 1797 Mary  
              CLEMENTS, dau. of William CLEMENTS and Elizabeth DANIEL
              31  Matilda BLAKE b.c. 1798 NC, m. 8 Mar 1817 Henry BYSUM
              32  Nancy BLAKE b.c. 1800 NC, m. James HARRIS
              33  William J. BLAKE b. 6 Feb 1806 Wake Co., NC, d. 14  
                  Jan 1862 Panola Co., TX, m(1) 1 Mar 1826 Eliza  
                  HINCH, m(2) 9 May 1837 Sarah Cole JOPLING
              34  Philip BLAKE b.c. 1808 Wake Co., NC, d. 16 Apr 1889  
                  Lawrence Co., TN, m. 27 Nov 1827 Wake Co., Martha  
                  JOHNSTON b.c. 1810 NC, dau. of Richard JOHNSTON and  
                  Patience MANN
                 341  Sarah Ann BLAKE b. 6 Aug 1829 Wale Co., d. 21 Nov  
                      1909 Maury co., TN, m. 9 May 1847 Maury Co.,  
                      John Skipworth LOVE 
                 342  Henry Johnson BLAKE b.c. 1829 NC, m(1) Louisa A.  
                      SAMFORD, m(2) 9 Mar 1865 Sarah C. GARTON,  
                      m(3) Sally BROOKS
                 343  William Oliver BLAKE b.c. 1832 Maury Co., d. Oct  
                      1862 TN, m. 25 Sep 1856 Elizabeth P. NOWLIN
                 344  Mary Julia BLAKE b.c. 1836 Maury Co., m. 15 Mar   
                      1859 William M. FOSTER
                 345  James Richard BLAKE b.c. 1837 Maury Co., m. 22  
                      Oct 1855 Elizabeth FISHER
                 346  Martha Elizabeth BLAKE b. 28 Dec 1841 Maury Co.,  
                      d. 7 Jun 1914 Ellis Co., TC, m. 15 Jun 1858  
                      Newton O. KELSEY
               35  Elizabeth BLAKE  b. 4 Aug 1809 Wake Co., d. 25 Nov  
                   1898, m. 21 Dec 1827 So. O. WOOTEN
               36  Abigail (Gilly) BLAKE b.c. 1810 Wake Co., d. aft.  
                   1880 AR, m. Samuel BLAKE
            3  Thomas Samuel BLAKE m(2) 7 Jun 1813 Elizabeth UTLEY
            4  Reddick BLAKE m. Polly DANIEL
            5  Isham BLAKE Sr. m. Mary Macy CLIFTON
                  Isham BLAKE Jr. m. Margaret A. CROSBY
                     William Bushrod BLAKE m. Susan Olive KING
                     Sarah Frances BLAKE m. Stephen Allen KING
            6  Rebecca BLAKE m. John DANIEL
            7  Howell BLAKE
            8  James BLAKE
        5  Benjamin BLAKE 
        6  Thomas BLAKE 
    6  Sessoms BLAKE
    7  Joseph BLAKE d. 19 Aug 1771 Wake Co., NC, Will Bk 1, p. 8-9
    8  Benjamin BLAKE
        1  Benjamin BLAKE

1  William BLAKE Jr. d. aft 1774 Wake Co., NC, m. unknown
   Moved to Edgcomb Co., NC about 1744.  He was in the Granville Co.,  
   NC, List of Titheables, in 1749 and Militia in 1755.  By 1756 he had  
   moved to Johnston Co.  
   1744 Grant to William Blake in Edgcomb Co., NC on north side of  
        Fishing Creek (later Warren Co.)
   1749 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
        Willm. Blake Cond.(?)  2
   1750 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
        William Blake  one tithe    1
   17 Apr 1750 George Rollison to William Blake both of Granville Co.,  
      250 acres on north side of Fishing Creek, being 1/2 of a grant of  
      500 acres, to John Alston, paid with VA money.  Recorded 10 May  
      1750, Granville Co., NC
   1753  NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
         Wilm. Blake Jr. won
   1754  NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
         Wm. Cheek and Wm. Blake Jun   2
         Wm. Blake Ser. Son John Negro Ditter  3
   4 Mar 1755 William Blake to William Cheek both of Granville Co. (who  
         intermarried with my loving daughter Sarah) 250 acres on the  
         north side of Fishing Creek, being part of a grant of 300  
         acres to the said William Blake dated Apr 1742.  
         Granville Co., NC, Deed Book B, p. 483
   5 Dec 1756 William Blake of Johnston Co. to John Coggan of Granville  
         Co. 250 acres for 20L "... being 1/2 of a tract of 500 acres  
         granted to John Alston on south side of Conway Creek in  
         Johnston Co....." Recorded 1756, 
         Granville Co., NC, Deed Book C. p. 174
   6 Jun 1758 William Blake of Johnston Co. to James Thompson 150 acres  
         on north side of Fishing Creek in Granville Co., "said land  
         belonging to William Blake and taken out of William Blake's  
   1759  NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
         William Blak    1
   20 Mar 1761 James Simmons to William Blake Sr. both of Johnston Co.  
         300 acres in St. Stephen's Par., Johnston Co., NC, Deed Book  
         A, p. 1
   12 Mar 1761  James Simmons of the County of Johnaton and Provence of  
         NC to William Blake of same for 24 L proclamation money sell  
         300 acres om Crabtree Creek
         Wit: John Giles Thomas, James Martin
         NC, Johnston Co., Deed Book A-1, 1759-1761, p. 155
   1765 William Blake Sr. and several others were relieved of duties on  
         work on roads (possibly for age and illness) on north side of  
         Walnut Creek, Johnston Co.
   1  William BLAKE III [see below]
   2  Sarah BLAKE b.c. 1730, d.c. 1800, m. William CHEEK Sr. b.c. 1722,  
      d.c. 1797  [Cheek info from Forrest King]
     21  John CHEEK b.c. 1750, d.c. 1827, m. Sarah THORP d.c. 1827
       211  Nancy CHEEK d.c. 1846, m. David Hyde NEWELL d.c. 1830
       212  Mary CHEEK m. Jacob COLEMAN
     22  William CHEEK b. 1750, d. 1780
     23  Martha CHEEK b.c. 1758, d.c. 1838, m. Francis SMART b.c. 1762,  
         d.c. 1802
     24  Phebe CHEEK b.c. 1760, d.c. 1790, m. Matthew GOODRICH
     25  Mary Cofield CHEEK b.c. 1762, m. John SMITH
     26  Randolph CHEEK b.c. 1764, d. 1807, m.    GREEN
       261  Hixley CHEEK m.Matthew DUKE Jr. b.c. 1785, d.c. 1821
       262  Martha CHEEK
       263  Rebecca CHEEK
       264  William CHEEK
       265  Robert CHEEK
       266  Mary CHEEK
       267  Elizabeth CHEEK
       268  Maria CHEEK
     27  Silas CHEEK b.c. 1768
     28  Robert Tynes CHEEK b.c. 1777, d.c. 1841, m. Mary Hinton ALSTON  
         b.c. 1782, d.c. 1864
       281  Elbert Alston CHEEK b.c. 1803, d.c. 1864, m. Susan B. HAYES
       282  Hinton B. CHEEK b.c. 1805, d.c. 1806
       283  Emily McKensie CHEEK b.c. 18078, d.c. 1876, m. John  
            Alesander BURT d. 1846
       284  Ellen CHEEK b. 1810, d. 1818
       285  James Augustus CHEEK b.c. 1810, d.c. 1862, m. Emily  
            MARSHALL b.c. 1810, d.c. 1868
       286  John B. CHEEK b.c. 1815, d.c. 1876, m(1) Eliza EDMONDS,  
            m(2) Clementine BAGWELL
       287  Caroline C. CHEEK b.c. 1817, m. James T. TWITT    
       288  William Alston CHEEK b.c. 1820, d. 1894, m. Angeline A.  
       289  Flavius Josephus CHEEK b.c. 1821, d. 1896, m. Louise E.  
       28X  Darian Dawson CHEEK b.c. 1823, m. Thomas Alexander  
       28A  Joseph CHEEK
     29  Rebecca CHEEK m. James BURROW
       291  Rebecca BURROW
     2X           CHEEK m. Henry JACKSON

[Continued in Blake Family Part 2]

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