Robert BEADLES purchased land in Orange Co. as early as 1746.  His 
will was dated 9 Oct 1782.  He d. in Orange Co. bef. 23 Oct 1783.  His
widow Delilah d. 25 Jul 1796 in Orange Co.  In 1795 Delilah BEADLES 
and William CASON sold a tract of land he would inherit from Robert.  
The deed mentions Robert and Delilah BEADLES, daughter Mary CARROLL, 
and the four CASON grandchildren.  They had only one known daughter, 
Mary, who m., possibly 1766, Edward CASON who d. in Orange Co. bef. 9 
Oct 1782.  Although other Beadles were listed in the Orange Co. 
records, their relationship to Robert is not known.  All of the estate
records mention only a daughter Mary Carroll.

On 24 Mar 1785, Edward Cason's widow's 2nd husband, John CARROLL, was 
appointed guardian of the four CASON children.  John and Mary CARROLL 
moved to Elbert Co., GA, in the middle of the 1790s with children John
and Mary (CASON) HUDSON.  John last appeared on the Orange Co. PPT in 
1788 and the LT in 1818.  William Cason last appeared in the PPT of 
1805 although he sold land in Orange Co., in 1808.  John Cason was a 
witness to a deed in 1794 in Elbert Co., GA and John Carrell was a 
J.P. who witnessed many deeds in Elbert Co., GA, after 1797 to 1817.

Edward CASON was possibly a son of a Roger CASON, who is thought to  
  have been a brother of Edward CASON who m. Joanna BUTCHER.

Edward CASON b. 1740-45, d. bef. 9 Oct 1782 Orange Co., VA, m.c. 1766  
  Mary BEADLES b. 1740-45, d. aft 1821 Elbert Co., GA, m(2) by 9 Oct  
  1782 John CARROLL.
  1 John CASON b.c. 1767 Orange Co., VA, d. aft. Mar 1830 Hart Co.,  
    GA, m. 8 Dec 1789 Orange Co. Judith ROEBUCK.  Moved to Elbert Co.,  
    GA, with mother.
  2 Edward CASON b.c. 1769 Orange Co., liv. aft. 1829 Orange Co., VA  
    m. 8 Jun 1789 Orange Co., Sally Muse CAVE.  Edward was the only  
    one to stay in Orange Co.
  3 Mary CASON b.c. 1771 Orange Co., m. Nathaniel HUDSON.  Moved to   
    Elbert Co., GA, with mother.
  4 William CASON b.c. 1772 Orange Co., VA, d. 5 Nov 1847 Putnam Co.,  
    MO, m. 17 Feb 1795 Orange Co., Mary THOMPSON, dau. of John and  
    Catherine THOMPSON.  They moved to Augusta Co., VA, between 1805  
    and 1813.  He last appeared in the Orange Co. PPT tax book of  
    1805.  On 20 Feb 1813, he purchased a tract in Augusta Co., VA.  
    Augusta Co. census 1820, 1830.  William and Mary sold a tract in  
    Augusta Co. in 1836.  Between 1836 and 1840, they moved to Audrain  
    Co., MO, (1840 Audrain Co. census), then were in Monroe Co., MO,  
    by 1844 where Mary died.  By 1847, William and his children were  
    in Putnam Co., MO where he died.  He was bur. in the Elco Cem.,  
    Putnam Co., MO.  His grave does not have a tombstone.
    41 Frances CASON b.c. 1799 Orange Co., VA, d. 15 Nov 1869 Putnam  
       Co., MO, m. 15 Feb 1818 Augusta Co., VA, Samuel WOOD.
    42 Edward V. CASON b.c. 1801 Orange Co., VA, m. 9 Jun 1824 Augusta  
       Co., VA, Sarah WADDY.  To MO.
    43 Robert CASON b.c. 1803 Orange Co., VA, m. 29 May 1826 Augusta  
       Co., VA, Elizabeth HESS
    44 John Wesley CASON b. 5 Dec 1805 Orange Co., Va, d. 23 Apr 1903  
       Putnam Co., MO, m. about 1845 Martha A. DAMRELL, dau. of  
       Augustin DAMRELL and Elizabeth DEARING originally of Cabell  
       Co., (W)VA.
      441 Frances CASON b.c. 1850 MO
      442 Mary CASON b.c. 1852 MO
      443 Martha CASON b.c. 1854 MO
      444 Thena CASON b.c. 1857 MO
      445 John CASON b.c. 1859 MO 
    45 William CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m. Nancy
    46 Mary CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m(1) aft. 3 Apr 1824 Augusta Co., VA,  
       Joseph R. BEATTY b.c. 1803 
      461 Paulina BEATTY b 1826
      462 Elizabeth Frances BEATTY b. 1827
      463 Mary B. BEATTY b.1830, d. 21 Feb 1872 IL, m. William Smith  
          SIMS b. 18 May 1833 Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.  After her  
          death, he married a widow Susannah (THOMPSON) HENDERSON.
          9 children
      464 James C. BEATTY b. 1832 
      465 Edward BEATTY b. 1836
      466 William Francis BEATTY b. 1838
      467 Joseph BEATTY  b. 1840
    46 Mary CASON m(2)   DARNER
    47 Sarah CASON b. 1805/10 VA, m. 1840 Monroe Co., MO, James  
       LLEWELLYN b. 1821, d. 1900 Monroe Co., MO
      471 Samuel LLEWELLYN b. 1852 Joplin, MO
        4711 John Donald LLEWELLYN b. 1894 Logan, IL
    48 Elizabeth CASON b.c. 1805 Orange Co., VA, m. 1 Dec 1825 Augusta  
       Co., VA, John ELSEY b.c. 1800 Augusta Co., VA, d.c. 1847 Pike  
       Co., OH.
      481 Caroline Virginia ELSEY b. 14 Aug 1829 Augusta Co., VA, d.  
          19 Apr 1902 Waverly, Pike Co., OH, m. 1 Apr 1847 Waverly,  
          Pike Co., OH, Kinsey Washington DAVIS b. 18 Apr 1822  
          Waverly, Pike Co., OH, d. 9 Jan 1907 Waverly, Pike Co., OH.
      482 Isabel ELZY m. bef. 1865 George Washington REYNOLDS b. Dec  
          1829 VA, d. bef. 1910
        4821 Stacy REYNOLDS
        4822 Grace REYNOLDS
        4823 Oscar B. REYNOLDS
        4824 Claude REYNOLDS
        4825 George Albert REYNOLDS b. 24 Oct 1866 Jackson Co., OH, d.  
             25 Apr 1945 Sullivan Co., IN, m. Apr 1886 Jackson Co.,  
             OH, Martha Catherine MARTIN
      483 Sarah ELZY
      484 Thomas ELZY
      485 Rachel ELZY 
    49  Samuel Pondale CASON b. 20 Oct 1815, Augusta Co., VA, d. 18  
        Aug 1897, Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE, m(1) 4 Jun 1844 Monroe  
        Co., MO, Elizabeth DAMRELL (sister of Martha DAMRELL above) b.  
        6 Jun 1826 Cabell Co., (W)VA, d. 8 Jun 1869 Putnam Co., MO,  
        bur. Cason Cem., Cason's Corners, Putnam Co., MO.
      491 Thomas P. CASON b. 11 Nov 1845 Putnam Co., MO
      492 Mary Eliabeth CASON b. 11 Nov 1847 Putnam Co., MO, d. 1 Jan  
          1892, m. 3 Apr 1866 Putnam Co., MO, Usher STALCUP 
      493 Louisa Frances CASON b. 13 May 1849 Putnam Co., MO, d. 12  
          Apr 1916 Tupelo, Coal Co., OK, m(1) as his 2nd wife 10 Dec  
          1875 Henry STOCKTON b. 4 Mar 1838 Madison Co., MO, d. 12 
          Sep 1909 Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR.  
      493 Louisa m(2) John BURROUGHS, m(3) B. F. MOORE.  No ch. by 2nd  
          or 3rd m.
      494 Susan A. CASON b. 6 Nov 1850 Putnam Co., MO, d. Mar
      495 John William CASON b. 20 Jan 1853 Putnam Co., MO, d. 23 Jul  
          1882 Putnam Co., MO
      496 Martha June CASON b. 23 Aug 1855 Putnam Co., MO, d. 3 Nov  
          1924, m. J. E. DWYER
      497 James Riley CASON b. 11 Nov 1857 Putnam Co., MO, d. 17 Oct  
          1866 Putnam Co., MO
      498 Samuel Augustus CASON b. 5 Dec 1860 Putnam Co., MO, d. 19  
          Mar 1929 Portland, Multnomah Co., OR, m. 1886 Lucinda Jane  
      499 Robert CASON b.&d. 30 Apr 1862 Putnam Co., MO
      49X Edward CASON b.&d. 30 Apr 1862 Putnam Co., MO
    49 Samuel Pondale CASON m(2) 24 Aug 1873 Putnam Co., MO, Elizabeth  
       JOHNSON b.c. 1835 TN, d. Feb 1924 Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE,  
       dau. of Jefferson JOHNSON and his wife Nancy CLEMMENS
      49A Alonzo Jefferson CASON b.27 Jul 1874 Unionville, Putnam Co.,  
          MO, d. 14 Oct 1953 Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE, m. 6 Mar 1903  
          Broken Bow, Amy Josephine SMITH b. 23 Oct 1887 Centerville,  
          Appanoose Co., IA, d. 1 Feb 1967 Broken Bow dau. of John N.  
          SMITH and Josephine NEEDY
        49A1 Irene Mae CASON b. 3 Mar 1904 roken Bow, m. 29 Aug 1930  
             Broken Bow Donald Reed JAMES 
        49A2 Ruby CASON b. 8 Nov 1906 Broken Bow, d. 28 Feb 1948  
             Broken Bow, m. 16 Jul 1927 Broken Bow, Murton Leroy  
        49A3 Florence Vera CASON b. 3 May 1909 Broken Bow, d. 1986  
             Waco, McLennan Co., TX, m.c. 1926 Broken Bow, Glen PENCE
        49A4 Edward Glenn CASON b. 13 Mar 1912 Broken Bow, d. 23 Nov  
             1969 Englewood, CA, m. Dorothy HOCK
        49A5 Dorothy CASON b. 27 Feb 1915 Broken Bow, d. Aug 1916  
             Broken Bow
        49A6 Velma June CASON b. 29 Jun 1918 Broken Bow, m. Reynolds  
             J. KING
        49A7 Robert E. CASON b. 23 Feb 1921 Broken Bow, m. 1941 Evelyn  
             H. SEMIN
        49A8 Juanita Lucille CASON b. 10 Aug 1924 Broken Bow, m.c.  
             1947 Wright TOALSON  
      49B Serilda CASON b. 4 Oct 1875 Putnam Co., MO, d.  Broken Bow.

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