The Stockton Family

and Winfred Broadus SMITH, 1972, (black cover), reprinted in 1975 (red
cover). Only 35 copies of each were printed. This is only a brief 
outline and follows only my line. A descendancy of the descendants of 
Davis is being compiled.  Corrections and contributions are welcomed.

Davis STOCKTON b.c. 1686, d. 1761 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Sarah. His  
  estate was inventoried 2 Jan, 1762. Any additions or corrections are  
  1 Richard STOCKTON d. 1775 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Agnes
  2 Hannah STOCKTON b. 1710-1725, m. Adam GUDYLOCH
  3 Samuel STOCKTON b. 1710-1725, d. bef. Oct 1807 Rutherford Co., NC,  
    m. Prudence TORBET?
  4 Thomas STOCKTON b. 1710-1720, d. bef. 11 Apr 1783 Albemarle Co.,  
    VA m.c. 1742? Rachel ALLEN, dau. of Samuel ALLEN and Martha  
    CHAPMAN b. 1710-1730, d. aft 1783. Rachel m(2) Samuel ARNOLD
    41 Newberry STOCKTON b.c. 1743 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 1800-1810  
       Barren Co., KY, m. Margaret LATTIMORE
    42 Jemima STOCKTON b.c. 1745 Albemarle Co., VA, d. McMinn Co., TN,  
       m. John LATTIMORE
    43 Thomas STOCKTON b.c. 1747 Albemarle Co., VA, d. Sevier Co., TN,  
       m. Fanny
    44 John STOCKTON b.c. 1749 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 1805-1814 Roane  
       Co., TN, m.  
       Margaret. On 21 Apr 1779 he signed the Albemarle Declaration of  
      441 John STOCKTON m. P. H. BARNES
      442 Samuel STOCKTON m. Patience KIRKPATRICK
      443 Nathaniel STOCKTON m. Margaret SLOSS
      444 William STOCKTON m. Sarah MANN
      445 Rachel STOCKTON m. Peter Harget STOCKTON, son of John  
          STOCKTON and Mary MORTON
      446 Mary STOCKTON m. James COWAN
      447 Thomas STOCKTON b.c. 1784 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 1851 Roane  
          Co., TN, m. 25 Jun 1805 Greene Co., TN, Sarah BLEAK/BLAKE b.  
          1780-1790 Augusta Co., VA, d. bef. 1850 Roane Co., dau. of  
          Peter BLAKE and his wife Sarak DONAGHE, daughter of Hugh  
          DONAGHE who d. 5 Dec 1809 Augusta Co., VA.  Thomas's marriage  
          license was No. 1026, Greene Co. He was a farmer, atty, and  
          Justice of the Peace in Roane Co.
        4471 Sanford STOCKTON b. 8 Feb 1807 TN, d. 18 Aug 1860  
             Unionville, Putnam Co., MO, m.c. 1829 Morgan? Co., TN  
             Pheobe GUFFEY b. 10 Mar 1810 Wayne Co., KY,d. 1 Mar 1866  
             Unionville, Putnam Co., MO, dau. of Henry GUFFEY and  
             Elizabeth ADAMS of Wayne Co., KY. Elizabeth was a  
             daughter of Joshua ADAMS and his wife Phoebe EASLEY,  
             daughter of Daniel EASLEY Sr. and his wife Ann DAVID,  
             daughter of Pierre DAVID and his wife Ann DUTERERE, of  
             Manikintown, Huguenots. Sanford and Phoebe were bur. in  
             Thorne Cem., in SE Putnam Co., MO. Sanford gave the land  
             on which the Putnam Co. Courthouse was built
          44711 Martha Frances STOCKTON b. 5 Feb 1830 Roane Co., TN,  
                m. Rev. Albert B. LIPP
          44712 Mary Ann STOCKTON b. 22 Jan 1832 Roane Co., TN, m.  
                William WILLIAMS
          44713 John STOCKTON b. 8 Apr 1834 Roane Co., TN, d. 13 Mar  
                1912 Putnam Co., MO, bur. Thorne Cem., m. Angeline  
          44714 Sarah Emaline STOCKTON b. 1 Feb 1837 Roane Co., TN, d.  
                3 Sep 1860 Putnam Co., MO, bur. Thorne Cem.
          44715 Henry STOCKTON b. 4 Mar 1838 Madison Co., MO, d. 12  
                Aug 1909 Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR, m (1) 22 Mar  
                1860 Appanoose Co., IA, Sarah Jane HUCKABY d. aft. 10  
                Apr 1875 Wayne Co., IA.
            447151 Sanford Archelaus STOCKTON b. 1865 Appanoose Co.,  
                   IA, m. 6 Mar 1906 Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR,  
                   Pearl BLAYLOCK
            447152 William Robert Jackson STOCKTON b. 20 Jun 1867  
                   Appanoose Co., IA, m. Sarah B. HOWELL
            447153 May STOCKTON b. 29 Jan 1870 Appanoose Co., IA, d.  
                   27 Oct 1912, m. 19 Feb 1888 Joseph DILLARD
            447154 James Edward STOCKTON b. 16 Aug 1872 Appanoose Co.,  
                   IA, d. 15 Aug 1947 Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR, m.  
                   18 Dec 1901 Witcherville, Sebastian Co., AR, Lula  
            447155 Thomas STOCKTON b. 10 Mar-d. 22 Apr 1875 Wayne Co.,  
          44715 Henry STOCKTON m(2) 10 Dec 1875 Putnam Co., MO, 
                Louisa Frances CASON b. 13 May 1849 Unionville, Putnam  
                Co., MO, dau. of Samuel Pondale CASON and Elizabeth  
                DAMRELL, daughter of Augustin DAMRELL and his wife  
                Elizabeth DEARING, daughter of John DEARING and his  
                wife Ruhama DAVIS. 
            447156 Elmer STOCKTON b. 22 Sep 1876 Unionville, Putnam  
                   Co., MO, d. 30 Nov 1944 Greenwood, m. 9 Nov 1898   
                   Witcherville, Mattie ARY
            447157 Stella Myrtle STOCKTON b. 10 May 1878 Bentonville,  
                   Benton Co., AR, d. 1 Nov 1950 Albuquerque,  
                   Bernalillo Co., NM, m(1) 6 Oct 1897 Witcherville,  
                   Sebastian Co., AR, Rev. Levi S(only) SMITH b. 30 Mar  
                   1873 Red Point, Dent Co., MO, d. 27 Jun 1932 Troy,  
                   Bell Co., TX, bur. in Hillcrest Mem. Cem, Temple,  
                   TX.; s/o Nehimiah SMITH and Permilia Jane BAY. He  
                   was a Southern Baptist preacher in AR, OK, NM and  
                   TX. He collapsed in the pulpit and died a short time  
                   later. They had 5 children. 
                   #1 was Leona Irene SMITH m. Chester R. JOHNSON and  
                   #5 was Winfred Broadus SMITH, the authors of DAVIS  
                   STOCKTON OF VIRGINIA. Stella Myrtle m(2) 7 Oct 1941  
                   Fort Sumner, DeBaca Co., NM, Rev. Eugene Dudley  
                   MORGAN. She was bur. Fort Sumner Cem., Fort Sumner,  
              4471571 Leona Irene SMITH b. 17 Aug 1898 Mansfield,  
                      Sebastian Co., AR m. Chester Rankin JOHNSON.
            447158 Annie Dora STOCKTON b. 2 Nov 1879 Eureka Springs,  
                   Carrell Co., AR, d. 25 Jul 1907, m. 4 Nov 1894  
                   Christopher Columbus WHIDBEE
            447159 Nellie Dale STOCKTON b. 1 Dec 1882 Eureka Springs,  
                   d. 1 Nov 1886 Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR. 
            44715X Pearly Ellison STOCKTON b. 8 May-d. 4 Sep 1886  
                   Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR.
          44716 Thomas STOCKTON b. 11 Mar 1840 Madison Co., MO, d. 28  
                Apr 1913 Putnam Co., MO, m. Arvilla Winifred TRENT 
          44717 James STOCKTON b. 17 Jul 1842 MO, d. 8 Feb ____, m.  
                Sarah Jane BRADSHAW 
          44718 Delila STOCKTON b. 12 Feb 1843 MO, d. 15 Jan 1851  
                Putnam Co., MO, bur. Thorne Cem. 
          44719 Elizabeth STOCKTON b. 1844 MO, d. 8 Feb 1858 Putnam  
                Co., MO, bur. Thorne Cem. 
          4471X Julia A. STOCKTON b. 8 Mar 1847 MO, d. 25 Sep 1860  
                Putnam Co., MO, bur. Thorne Cem.
          4471A Delia Ann STOCKTON b. 1848 Madison Co., MO, d. 15 Jan  
                1851 Putnam Co., MO 
          4471B Susan Adeline STOCKTON b.c. 1850 Putnam Co., MO, m.  
                Marion J. GILSTRAP. 
        4472 Smith STOCKTON b.c. 1810, m. Martha 
        4473 Martha STOCKTON b. 1810-1815 Roane Co., TN, d.c. 1837 IN,  
             m. 27 Aug 1831 Roane Co., William Paul WALKER 
        4474 Perry STOCKTON b. 1810-1820 Roane Co., TN, d. aft 1840 
        4475 Anderson STOCKTON b.c. 1819 Roane Co., TN, m. Polly MARNEY 
        4476 Thomas STOCKTON Jr. b.c. 1820 Roane Co., TN, m. Betsy  
             MARNEY, sis. of Polly 
        4477 Patterson STOCKTON b.c. 1821 Roane Co., TN, d. 1860 Putnam  
             Co., MO, m. Mary A. DUNLAP 
        4478 Houston STOCKTON b. 1826-9 Roane Co., TN 
   49 James STOCKTON b. 1835 Roane Co., TN 
   48 Susan STOCKTON m. Seth WHITE 
   49 Roda STOCKTON m. Matthew WHITE 
   4X Benjamin STOCKTON 
   4A Polent STOCKTON 
   5 Daniel STOCKTON b.c. 1751 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 24 Apr 1800 KY,   
        m(1) Catherine, m(2) Susannah SHERER 
     6 Rachel STOCKTON b.c. 1753 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Francis   
       LATTIMORE Rev.War vet. 
   7 Davis STOCKTON b.c. 1755 Albemarle Co., VA 
   8. Jesse STOCKTON b.c.  
   1757 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Rachel 
  5 Elizabeth STOCKTON  d. Tryon Co., NC, m. William WHITESIDES 
  6 Ann STOCKTON m.c. 1750 Albemarle Co., VA, Dr. Francis WHELCHELL 

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