Refs:  the St. Peter's Parish Register of New Kent Co., VA [SPPR]; 
The Moon Family Story in Several Phases, by Howard E. 
Richardson, Norman, OK, 1983. 

I have reserched only my direct line.  The rest are provided only as 
clues for further research.

Stephen MOON Sr. b.c. 1660, d. 29 Jan 1713 [SPPR], New Kent Co., VA,  
  m.c. 1680 VA, Mary ___, d. 20 Mar 1712 (SPPR]
  1 Stephen MOON Jr. b.c. 1680 New Kent Co., VA, d. 11 Dec 1726  
    [SPPR], New Kent Co., VA, m.c. 1702 Phyllis b.c. 1682, d. bef. 11
    Oct 1746 [SPPR] New Kent Co., VA.
    11 Stephen MOON III b. 12 Oct 1705 [SPPR], New Kent Co., VA, m.  
       Margaret ___
    12 Phyllis MOON b. 13 Jun 1708 [SPPR]
    13 John MOON b. 13 Jan 1711/12 [SPPR]
    14 Ruth MOON b. 9 Jun 1713 [SPPR]
    15 Jacob MOON b. 3 Aug 1717 [SPPR], d. 1793 Green Co., GA, m.  
       unknown  All of his land sales in Albemarle Co. and Bedford Co.
       in 1777 and after, have no wife signing, indicating that she  
       was dead before this.
      151 Susannah MOON b.c. 1738 New Kent Co., VA, m. 27 Jan 1756  
          Albemarle Co., VA, Thomas COBBS
      152 William MOON b.c. 1748 Albemarle? Co., VA, d. bef. 25 Feb  
          1811 Elbert Co., GA, m. Sarah RICHARDSON b.c. 1752 VA, d.  
          aft. Nov 1814 Elbert Co., GA, dau. of Robert RICHARDSON Jr.
          and Sarah _____ of Fluvanna Co., VA.  Robert RICHARDSON  
          mentions his daughter Sally MOON in his will dated 13 Feb  
          1779 Fluvanna Co., VA.  
          Ref. Fluvanna Co., VA, Will Book 1, Old Ser., p. 57-9,  
          Proved 6 Nov 1783.  Sarah's death date of 1814 is based  
          on Martha Blake's receipt for her legacy.  
        1521 Jacob MOON b.c. 1770 Albemarle Co., VA, d. bef. 1810  
             Elbert Co., GA 
             Grandchildren of William MOON, and may have been the sons
             of his son Jacob: Jacob, Bird and John MOON.  Bolar MOON,
             son of William, was their guardian.
        1522 Robert MOON b. bef. 1772 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 1824  
             Jackson Co., GA, m. Elizabeth MOON
        1523 William H. MOON b.c. 1774 Albemarle Co., VA, d. aft 1830,
             m. Tabitha ____
        1524 Martha MOON b.c. 1776 Albemarle or Bedford Co., VA, d.  
             aft. 1837 Bibb Co., AL, m.c. 1789 Wilkes/Elbert Co., GA, 
             John BLAKE Sr. b. 8 Mar 1766 Johnston Co., NC, d. 11 Dec
             1836 Bibb Co., AL, [son of William BLAKE and Sarah  
             RICHARDSON of Elbert Co.]  bur. Blake-Thompson Cem.,  
             Bibb Co., AL.
        1525 Jesse MOON b.c. 1778 Bedford Co., VA, d. bef. 8 Jul 1808 
             Jackson Co., GA.  An inventory and sale record was  
             returned to the Jackson County Court and recorded.  The  
             Inventory was not dated but the one before it was dated  
             20 Mar 1809 and the one after was dated 1 Jul 1809.  No  
             list of heirs was given.  Appraised value was $727.37  
             1/2, sale amount was $360.06 1/4.  Jackson Co., GA,   
             Inventories, Appraisals, Returns, --- p. 311.
             Grandchildren of William MOON who may have been the  
             children of Jesse, were Sally, Jesse and Stephen.  Sally 
             MOON was bound to Sarah MOON, Jesse was bound to  
             Archelus MOON and Stephen was bound to William H. MOON. 
             None of these children were foud in the 1850 census of  
             Jackson Co. 
        1526 Bolier MOON b.c. 1780 Bedford Co., VA, d. 1840/1850  
             Jackson Co., GA, Probable children: Jason, Jackson,  
             Hartwell, Robert, Elizabeth and Betsy.  These children  
             are referred to as nephews in the will of Williamson  
             dated 17 Dec 1832, Jackson Co., GA.  These children were 
             heirs of Williamson to the land lottery chances of Boler 
             Moon which Williamson bought from Boler.  The names of  
             Boler's children are not known.  It is quite likely that 
             the children would receive the land that resulted from  
             the chances their father had bought.  The name of Robert 
             Moon only was found in the 1850 census of Jackson Co.,  
             p. 40-1.  He was age 49, wife Katharine R. 40, children  
             William P. 20, Dilmuss J. 15, Robert B. 12, Susan K. 10, 
             Thomas J. 8, George M. D. 6, Cornelia J. 4.  
        1527 Pleasant MOON b.c. 1782 Bedford Co., VA, d. bef. 2 Feb  
             1818 Elbert Co., GA, m. Sarah BELL.  Mrs. Sarah MOON m.  
             2 Dec 1833 Elbert Co., GA, William FAULKNER 
           15271 William H. MOON b.c. 1804, m. 25 Oct 1825 Elbert Co.,
                 GA, Susan MOON dau. of ?
           15272 James Bell MOON b.c. 1809, d. 27 Jun 1882 Elbert Co.,                  
                 GA, m(1) Charlotte BUTLER
             152721 John Simeon MOON d. Civil War
             152722 William Peter MOON d. Civil War
             152723 James Hall MOON d. Civil War
             152724 George Thomas MOON b. 1850 Elbert Co., GA, d.  
                    1905 Elbert Co., GA, m. Sadie
             152725 David Bynum MOON 
             152726 Josephine MOON
             152727 baby d.
             152728 Elizabeth MOON
             152729 Doss MOON b. 1859
             15272X Alexander MOON b. 1861, d. 1878
           15272 James Bell MOON m(2) Susan C. BOOTH b. Feb 1838  
                 Elbert Co., d. aft 1899 Elbert Co.
             15272A Dora Ola MOON 
             15272B William P. MOON b. 1865
             15272C Emma MOON b. 1867
             15272D Lorenzo MOON b. 1869
             15272E Rinta MOON b. Dec 1871 Elbert Co.
             15272F Bolar MOON b. Oct 1873 Elbert Co.
             15272G Cynthia Anne MOON b. 1875
             15272H Omer R. MOON b. Dec 1878 Elbert Co.
           15273 Pleasant MOON b. 9 Mar 1813, d. 21 Feb 1891, m(1)  
                 Susan MOON, dau. of ?, m(2) Susan POWER
                 children: Olivia M. B., Susan Elmina, Urena Emaline,
                 Jonathan D. MOON
           15274 John Bona. MOON b.c. 1815, d. 1868, m. 9 Jan 1845  
                 Mary BUTLER b. Apr 1815, d. 28 Aug 1868
             152741 David Pleasant MOON b. 1849, d 1931, m. 21 Nov  
                    1867 Eliza Jane STRICKLAND b. 24 Jan 1849 Newtown,
                    Madison Co., GA, d. 8 Sep 1931
               1527411 John Bona MOON b. 27 Sep 1868, d. 24 Apr 1897, 
                       m. Ella LANDERS
                       children: Lytton, Bona MOON
               1527412 Carrie Lee MOON b. 3 Jan 1872, d. 2 Jul 1917, 
                       m. James D. EVANS
                       children: May, Essie, Henry, Thomas, Robert,  
                       Louis, Birch, Wilda EVANS
               1527413 Mary Myrtle MOON b. 26 Apr 1875, 30 Oct 1976,  
                       m. Charlis CARSON
                       children: Ouida, Charlotte, Marjorie, Estelle  
               1527414 Sarah Lillian MOON b. 26 Nov 1876, d. 22 Dec  
                       1967, m. 1900 Moses JORDAN
                       children: Roy, David, Joseph, Frederick,  
                       Thomas, Steven, Harry, Phillip, Frances, Julia,
                       Olive, Edna, Helen  JORDAN
                 1527415 Ellen Harriet MOON b. 11 Dec 1878, d. 15 Jan 
                         1971, m. Henry STONECYPHER. No children.  
                 1527416 Harlowe May MOON b. 7 Nov 1882, d. 19 May  
                         1908, m. 1905 Jacob D. BOWERS  No children.
                 1527417 William Thomas MOON b.5 Nov 1884, d. 14 Oct  
                         1930, m. Grady GRIMES. No issue.
                 1527418 Samuel Clayton MOON b. 3 Mar 1887 Paoli, GA, 
                         d. 31 Jul 1949 Greenville, SC, m. 31 May 1910
                         Augusta Marie SMITHSON 
                 15274181 David Smithson MOON b. 21 May 1911, m.  
                          Beverly COOK
                          children: Samuel, Susan, Marion MOON
                 15274182 Olivia Dean MOON b. 26 Feb 1914, m. Marvin  
                          children: Marvin Samuel, Carol. E., Thomas  
                          Edward SELF
                 15274183 Herbert Drannon MOON b. 2 Feb 1918, d. 17  
                          Dec 1971, m. Frances DENTON 
                          children: Debra, Linda, David, Timothy MOON
                 15274184 Margaret Ellen MOON b. 13 May 1930, m.  
                          William E. NICKELS
                          children: Leslie Ellen, Carol Ann, Clarence 
                          Edward NICKELS   
               1527419 Herbert David MOON b. 30 Sep 1894.  Never  
                          15275 Gabrilla MOON 
         1528 Archelaus MOON b.c. 1784 Bedford Co., VA, d. bef. 23 Sep
              1842 Madison Co., GA, m. Susan
              children: Robert P., Anna MOON m. Samuel PATTEN, Irena  
              MOON m. John MITCHEL, Archelaus P., Martha, William G.  
         1529 Sally Green MOON b.c. 1786 Wilkes Co., GA, m. bef. 1811 
              William POWER
         152X John MOON b.c. 1788 Wilkes Co., GA, d. bef. 1830 GA, m. 
              15 Aug 1811 Elbert Co., GA, Tabitha STAPLES
           152X1 Barbara Allen MOON b. 25 Feb 1815 Elbert Co., GA, d. 
                 16 Dec 1892 Bentley, Calhoun Co., MS, m. Jesse  
                 Henderson BENTLEY b. 3 Dec 1809 Elbert Co., GA, d. 11
                 Mar 1885 Bentley, Calhoun Co.                       
         152A Susannah MOON b.c. 1790 Wilkes/Elbert Co., GA, d. bef. 
              1828 m. 15 Oct 1807 Elbert Co., GA, David POWER 
              children: James Mankin POWER and Jesse POWER   
       153 Patsy MOON b.c. 1749 Albemarle Co., VA, d. aft 1809, m.  
           Charles MARTIN
       154 Sally MOON b.c. 1750 Albemarle Co., VA, m(1)c.  Silas  
           MOORMAN, m(2) Michael GILBERT
       155 Jesse MOON b.c. 1755 Albemarle Co., VA, d. Oct 1780 Bedford
           Co., VA
       156 Jacob MOON Jr. b.c. 1755 Albemarle Co., VA, d. 19 Mar 1781,
           VA, [Rev. War] m. aft Aug 1780 Nancy Ann AMMONS
       157 Archelaus MOON b. bef. 1756 Albemarle Co., VA, [Rev. War]  
           m(1)       HIGBEE, m(2) 29 Dec 1784 Ann ANDERSON
       158 Pleasant MOON b.c. 17?? Albemarle Co., VA, d. 1781 VA [Rev.
     16 William MOON b. 20 Apr 1720 [SPPR] New Kent Co., VA, d. bef.  
        29 Jan 1800 Albemarle Co., VA, m. Elizabeth
       161 William MOON b.c. 1744, d. 1813 Fluvanna Co., VA, m.  
       162 Jacob MOON b.c. 1748, d. bef. Apr 1811, m. Mildred HAMNER  
           d. 1811/12
         1621 William MOON b. 26 Nov 1770 Albemarle Co., d. 26 Sep  
              1840 Albemarle Co., m. 3 Nov 1793 Amherst Co., VA,  
              Charlotte DIGGES b. 18 Nov 1773, d. 14 Jan 1839, dau. of
              Capt. John DIGGES and Elizabeth HARRIS 
           16211 Edward Harris MOON b. 14 Feb 1805, d. 1853 m. 11 Nov          
                 Oriana Maria Moylen BARCLAY, dau. of Robert BARCLAY  
                 and Sarah Coleman TURNER  
             161113 Charlotte Digges (Lottie) MOON b. 12 Dec 1840  
                    Albemarle Co., VA, d. 24 Dec 1912 Kobe, Japan.   
                    She died of disease contracted in China.  She was 
                    on her way home but was too weak to endure the  
                    trip.  She was cremated according to Japanese law 
                    and her ashes were sent to Crewe, VA.  She was the
                    most famous of all Southern Baptist Foreign  
                    Missionaries who went to China.  She went to  
                    Tengchow in 1873.  The Southern Baptist annual  
                    Christmas offering for Foreign Missions (Lottie  
                    Moon) is named for her.
         1622 Jacob MOON b.c. 1748, d. 1811 Albemarle Co., VA, m.  
              Mildred HAMNER
         1623 Littleberry MOON b.c. 1760, d. 1814, m. 1794 Jane  
         1624 Judith MOON
         1625 Susan MOON m. Thomas TILMAN
         1626 Sarah MOON
         1627 Lucy MOON
     17 Jane MOON b. 21 Oct 1722 [SPPR]
     18 Judith MOON b. 7 Aug 1725 [SPPR]
  2  Peter MOON b. 24 Jan 1683 [SPPR], New Kent Co., VA, d. 8 Apr 1720
     [SPPR], New Kent Co., VA, m. 1 Feb 1709 [SPPR], Elizabeth SMITH
     21 Peter MOON II bapt.13 Oct 1710 [SPPR] New Kent Co., VA
        211 Peter MOON III b.c. 1735
        212 Gideon MOON b.c. 1740 New Kent Co., VA, d.c. 1790 will  
            proved 14 Oct 1790, m. 15 Dec 1743 Mary ___ b.c. 1741,  
            d.c. 1796 
          2121 Sarah MOON m. 19 Dec 1770 Lunenburg Co., VA, John  
     22 Elizabeth MOON bapt. 14 Dec 1712 [SPPR] New Kent Co., VA
     23 Mary MOON bapt. 11 Oct 1717 [SPPR] New Kent Co., VA, d. 8 Dec  
        1717 [SPPR]

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