61  Mary Jane BLAKE b.c. 1825 Montgomery Co., AL, m. 20 Dec 1845  
        Lowndes Co., John Lansdale FOLMAR b.c. 1815 Lexington Co., SC,  
        son of John Nicholas FOLMAR and Elizabeth LANSDALE
        611  James Richardson FOLMAR b. 15 Sep 1845 Morgansville,  
             Lowndes Co., d.c. 1920 Hayneville, Lowndes Co.  He was in  
             the 62nd AL Inf., C.S.A.
        612  John T. FOLMAR b.c. 1848 Lowndes Co., m. 3 Nov 1870  
             Lowndes Co., Louisa SEIDEL
            6121  Thomas FOLMAR b.c. 1871
            6122  Charles FOLMAR b.c. 1876
        613  Ann FOLMAR b. 24 Oct 1850, d. May 1931, bur. B'ham, m. 12  
             Dec 1867 James Monroe ROBINSON  6 ch.
        614  Margaret FOLMAR b. 6 Mar 1851?, d. 22 Jun 1924, bur.  
             B'ham, m. 11 Feb 1877 Lowndes Co., Azariah VARNER
            6141  J. L. VARNER  5 others
        615  Herbert F. FOLMAR b. 28 Jan 1855, d. 22 Jun 1924, bur.  
             Pike Co., AL, m. 9 Nov 1881 Crenshaw Co., AL, Caroline  
             Stewart FINLAY 
             6151  Maggie May FOLMAR b. 1 Nov 1882, d. 18 Apr 1967
             6152  Lillie Day FOLMAR b. 12 Jan 1884, d. 19 Apr 1887
             6153  Thomas FOLMAR b. Oct 1885
             6154  Bertha FOLMAR b. Jan 1888
             6155  Clara L. FOLMAR b. Aug 1890
             6156  Herbert FOLMAR b. Jun 1893
             6157  Laneta FOLMAR b. 20 Sep 1899, d. 11 Jan 1920, m.  
                   Tobe W. HORN
        616  Mary E. FOLMAR b.c. 1858, d.c. 1876
        617  Joseph FOLMAR b.c. 1859, d.c. 1880
        618  Ransom FOLMAR b. 2 Jun 1861, d. 25 Mar 1944, bur. B'ham,  
             m. 8 Dec 1881 Crenshaw Co., AL, Mary Frances FINLAY
             6181  Duncan FOLMAR b. Oct 1882
             6182  Ransom FOLMAR b. Nov 1883
             6183  Annie L. FOLMAR b. Aug 1885
             6184  Eva FOLMAR b. Dec 1888
             6185  Parker FOLMAR b. Sep 1890
             6186  Mary A. FOLMAR b. Mar 1892
             6187  Charles J. FOLMAR b. Sep 1893
             6188  Fannie FOLMAR b. Oct 1897
         619  David FOLMAR b.c. 1866, m. 1886 Dallas Co., AL, Rosa Lyon  
              JONES  6 ch.
    62  Martha Ann BLAKE b.c. 1828 Montgomery Co., m. Edward M. PEARCE  
        b.c. 1827 AL
        621  M. A. PEARCE b.c. 1852 Lowndes Co.
        622  A. T. PEARCE b.c. 1854 Lowndes Co.
        623  P. F. PEARCE b.c. 1857 Lowndes Co.
    63  Elizabeth Jackson BLAKE b.c. 1831 Lowndes Co.
    64  Green W. BLAKE b.c. 1832 Lowndes Co.
    65  James Washington BLAKE b.c. 1836 Lowndes Co.
7  Sarah (Sallie) BLAKE b.c. 1805 Elbert Co., GA, d. 1850-1860 Bibb  
   Co., AL, m. 5 Aug 1823 Bibb Co., AL, Robert HENDERSON b.c. 1799 TN.   
   They were both listed in John's estate papers.  Robert and his  
   family are listed in the 1840 and 1850 Census of  Bibb Co.  Gandrud,  
   V. 178, p. 78, of Marr. Records of Bibb Co., 1839-45, p. 74, gives  
   John MOSELEY m. to Elender HENDERSON, lic. issued 18 Jun 1844, m. 19  
   Jun 1844 by Rev. L. J. Schenler, local elder of M. E. Church,  
   concent of Robert Henderson (X) for his daughter.  It is probable  
   that we will never know the names of any of his children born  
   between 1824 and 1832 (if any) as they are not listed with him in  
   the 1850 Census.  A Bible would have the names.
    71  Eleanor (Elender) HENDERSON b.c. 1826 Bibb Co., m. 19 Jun 1844  
        Bibb Co., John MOSELEY b.c. 1824 AL.  He was a farmer and was  
        listed in the 1850 and 1860 Census of Bibb Co.  He enlisted 15  
        Apr 1862 and was a Pvt. in Co. H, 44th AL Inf. Regt.  He was  
        wounded 19 Sep 1863 in the Battle of Chicamauga and died 15 Oct  
        1863 in Gate City Hospital in Atlanta.  It is not known what  
        happened to Eleanor but she also may have died during or  
        shortly after the Civil War.  There was a tradition is both the  
        Johnson and Moseley families that they were cousins but it was  
        from long enough ago that both families had forgotten how.  I  
        found the BLAKE-HENDERSON-MOSELEY connection while looking for  
        grandchildren of John BLAKE Sr.  If I were only looking for the  
        Johnsons I would not have found them as they were not Johnson  
       711  Joab B. MOSLEY b. 17 Apr 1845 Bibb Co., AL, d. 14 Feb 1920  
            Waco., McLennan Co., TX, m. 10 Dec 1868 Leah C. BANGLE  b.  
            19 Sep 1846 NC, d. 24 Apr 1925 Waco, dau. of John and Mary  
            Ann (MILLER) BANGLE.  He moved to Calhoun Co., MS.  Later  
            they moved to the Dallas-Waco area of TX.  
       712  Sarah J. MOSLEY b. 1846 Bibb Co.  She is in the 1850 Census  
            but not the 1860.  Probably decd.
       713  William Albert MOSLEY b. 9 Jun 1849 Bibb Co., d. 28 May  
            1935 Calhoun Co., m(1) 2 Oct 1873 Sarah L. McSPADDEN.   
            Sarah L. McSpadden was received into Schultz Creek by  
            experience in Nov 1869.  This branch of the family spells  
            the name MOSLEY
           7131  Hattie MOSLEY b. 1874 MS, m. ______ POTTS.  Moved to  
                 Bienville Par., LA
       713  William Albert MOSLEY m(2) 26 Nov 1876 Hester Ann CLARK b.  
            9 Apr 1851, d. 26 Sep 1927 both bur. Providence Cem.,  
            Calhoun Co.  The 1900 census says she had 6 children, 4  
            still living.  The two not living could be Mattie and a  
            first dau. named Bammie who was in the 1880 census.  This  
            census says the one living in 1900 is age 18 b. Feb 1882.   
            This says she is not the one in the 1880 census.  Later  
            generations may not know that there were two of the same  
            name?  The b. date of Mattie as Aug 1882 also needs further  
            research.  This is too close to the Feb 1882 b. date of  
            Bamma.  She d. in 1885 and there is a possible engraver's  
            error and should be 1883?   This is the only way I can see  
            to explain TWO dead children.  His son Hosea said his  
            middle name was Alexander.  His descendant, Dennis R.  
            Baker, says his research says the name was Albert.    
            Hosea's first name was Albert.  Possibly Hosea just forgot.
            7132  Bammie MOSLEY b. 1879 Calhoun Co., d. bef. 1882, as  
                  another girl is shown in the 1900 Census of the  
                  same name as b. Feb 1882, age 18
            7133  Bama Adella MOSLEY b. 28 Jan 1882 Providence, Calhoun  
                  Co., d. 21 Feb 1964, m. 18 Aug 1904 James Canada  
                  EDWARDS b. 15 Apr 1861, d. 8 May 1946 Providence.   
                  Both bur. Providence Cem.
              7134  Mattie E. MOSLEY b. 12 Aug 1882 Providence, d. 16  
                    Oct 1885 Providence, bur. Providence Cem.  [Could  
                    there be an engraver's error and she was b. 1883?   
                    See discussion above.]
              7135  Earnest Louis MOSLEY b. 5 May 1884 Lafayette Co.,  
                    MS, d. 10 Dec 1960 Calhoun Co., MS, m. 28 Dec       
                    Mary Erma REEVES b. 3 Jun 1910 Lafayette Co., d. 11  
                    Nov 1980 Grenada, MS
              7136  Grover MOSLEY b. Feb 1888, m. Ome WILKINS
              7137  Albert Hosea MOSLEY b. 10 Sep 1890 MS, m. 15 Sep  
                    1935 MS, Idell WRIGHT.  Hosea was 93 when I  
                    visited him in Jul 1984.  Much of the later Mosley  
                    information came from him.  The Social Security  
                    Death Index gives his birth date as 10 Dec 1890 and  
                    death date as May 1985.
      714  Mila A. MOSLEY b. 1855 Bibb Co.
      715  Amanda MOSLEY b. 1858 Bibb Co.
   72  Mary  S. HENDERSON b. 1832 Bibb Co.
   73  James HENDERSON b. 1835 Bibb Co.
   74  Elizabeth HENDERSON b. 1838 Bibb Co.
   75  Hannah J. HENDERSON b. 1844 Bibb Co.                                     
   76  Thomas HENDERSON b. 1846 Bibb Co.  Hosea Mosley told me that  
       when he was a small boy, his father took him to see Thomas who  
       had recently come from Bibb Co.  A man came to the Mosley farm  
       and told his father that his uncle Thomas Henderson was near by  
       and so they went to visit him.  That was in the 1890s.  Hosea  
       was aged 93 when I visited him in July 1984.
   77  Daniel HENDERSON b. 1848 Bibb Co.
   78  Amanda S. HENDERSON b. 1849 Bibb Co.
8  Susannah (Sucky) BLAKE b. 1800-1810 (1812 in 1850 Census of Bibb  
   Co.) Elbert Co., GA, d. aft 1850 Bibb Co., AL 
   m(1) 7 Dec 1824 Bibb Co., Joshua CASEY
   81 John CASEY b. 1828 Bibb Co., m. Caroline
     811 Susan CASEY
     812 Sarah CASEY
   m(2) 21 Jul 1829 Bibb Co., Squire HARPOLE, as his second wife.
   82  Martin HARPOLE b. 1830 Bibb Co.
   83  Melinda HARPOLE b. 1832 Bibb Co
   84  Eliza HARPOLE b. 1833 Bibb Co.
   85  William C. C. HARPOLE b. 1837 Bibb Co.
   86  Henry HARPOLE b. 1840 Bibb Co.
   87  Newton HARPOLE b. 1841 Bibb Co. )
   88  Marion HARPOLE b. 1841 Bibb Co. ) twins
   89  Jackson HARPOLE b. 1843 Bibb Co.
   8X  Rachael HARPOLE b. 1846  Bibb Co.
 9  Asa BLAKE (#1) b.c. 1810 Elbert Co., d. before 10 Feb 1847 in  
    Lowndes Co., MS, m.  8 Jul 1830 Bibb Co., AL, Harriett Elizabeth  
    McMin POTTS b.c. 1810 NC, daughter of Jonathan POTTS of Bibb Co.
    Not much is known about this Asa.  He left Bibb Co. about 1839 and  
    appeared in the 1840 census of Lowndes Co., MS.  He was listed in  
    his father's estate records in 1837.  His daughter Catherine was b.  
    in AL in 1839, most likely in Bibb Co.  In 1847, an administrator  
    was appointed in Lowndes Co. for his estate.  In Bibb Co., his  
    brother Archibald Blake was appointed but withdrew when he found  
    that an administrator had been qualified in Lowndes Co., MS.
   91  Henry D. BLAKE b. on or before 21 Nov 1831 AL.
   92  John Milton BLAKE b. on or before 8 Jun 1835 AL.
   93  Jane Catherine BLAKE b. on or before 17 Oct 1839 AL, m. 25 Sep  
       1860 Lowndes Co., MS, William T. GODBEE.
X  Thomas C. BLAKE b.c. 1810 Elbert Co., d. aft 1850,  m. 28 Feb 1833  
   Bibb Co., Elizabeth Ann YOUNGBLOOD, performed by J. E. Summers, M.  
   G., consent given by her father, Henry YOUNGBLOOD, Marr. Book 1827- 
   1834, pg. 230.  He was one of the persons bonded to guarentee the  
   carrying out of his father's wishes in the 1837 estate settlement.   
   He was in the 1840 Census of Bibb Co., but by 1849 has moved over to  
   Lowndes Co., MS, where his brother Asa had lived.  He was not there  
   in 1860 and I have not located him in that census.
   X1  John H. BLAKE b. c. 1833 Bibb Co.
   X2  M. Lucinda BLAKE b. c. 1836 Bibb Co., m. Richard Harold ANTHONY
        William Richmond ANTHONY m. Sarah Ellen BAIRD   10 children
           Lois Harold ANTHONY  m. Elsie Owen FLOWERS  7 chilldren
              Bernice Delois ANTHONY m. Robert Eugene CROUCH 3 children
                  Anthony Loren CROUCH m. Julia Carolyn JOWERS, dau. of  
                     Joe Sam JOWERS 1 child
                     Joanna Lauren CROUCH
   X3  Archibald BLAKE b. c. 1838 Bibb Co. 
   X4  Mary BLAKE b. c. 1839 Bibb Co.
   X5  Joab BLAKE b. c. 1840 Bibb Co.
   X6  Elizabeth BLAKE b. c. 1849 Lowndes Co., MS
A  Madison BLAKE b. 1810-1820, d. aft 1845, m. 14 Nov 1839 Bibb Co.,  
   Martha Ann YOUNGBLOOD.  Bibb Co. Marr. Book D, pg. 145.  
   Not much is known about him.  He was the administrator of the estate  
   of his father and directed by his father to take care of his mother  
   "for the rest of her life" and for this he was to receive all the  
   assets of the estate of his father.  The estate was probated in  
   1837.  No female of advanced age was listed in his census record in  
   1840 and was probably dead by that time. 
   1840 Bibb Co., AL, p. 105
     Blake, Madison - M - 1-10 to 14, 2-20 to 29
                      F - 1-20 to 29
   1850, 1860.  No Madison Blake is listed in the census indexes of AL,  
   MS, LA, AR, MO, or TX.   
   No unidentified Blakes are in the 1850 Census of Bibb Co. 

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