Ref.: Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis, TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES, 1989,
p. 234-7, p. 267-74.  This is very well documented recent research with
discussions of problem areas.  For several points, she refers to the 
work of Emma Dicken for more documentation and study.

Ref: Emma Dicken, TERRELL GENEALOGY, 1952.  Well documented.

Ref.: O. F. Brown, THE TYRELLS OF ENGLAND, 1982, Published by 
Phillimore & Co., LTD, Shopwyke Hall, Chichester, Sussex.  This is the
best documented book on the early Tyrell family that I have found.  
Mr. Brown says that there are gaps in the lines claimed by so many for
which no documentation to prove them is known to exist.  In 1966, he 
agreed to take on the job of finishing and publishing the Tyrell 
family research of the late Rev. William Tirrell. 

Mr. Brown said that this line is circumstantial and though possible, 
he emphasizes that he connot prove it.  The claimed line from George 
Tyrell of Thornton to Robert Tyrrell of Reading is not proven.  George
had a son named William for whom no further documentation has been 
found.  Many claim that this William was the father of Robert of 
Reading.  Possibly he was.  

Most of the following lines are provided as furnishing clues for 
further research.  I have abstracted most of the data on William who 
m. Susan Waters from the above sources.  That on Timothy is from others
which I have not verified.  Even undocumented information can provide 
clues for research.  Much research is still required.

Robert TYRELL m. 29 Jun 1617 St. Giles Parish, Reading, Jane BALDWIN d.
1661 of Reading, Berkshire.  Robert's will dated 8 Jul 1643, proved at
Oxford 27 Sep 1643 by Jane TYRELL, relict.  Jane was buried 30 Jan 1661
with her husband in St. Giles Par.
1 John TYRELL b. 1618 Reading, will 1662
2 Robert TYRELL bap. 14 Nov 1619, will 1677
3 Mary TYRELL b. 1621 m.     MOWES
4 Margaret TYRELL b. 1623 m. Thomas WARNER
5 Richmond TYRELL bap. 17 Oct 1624  see below
6 John TYRELL b.-d. 1626 
7 Charles TYRELL b. 1627, d. 1629
8 William TYRELL bap. 22 Jun 1629
  81 William TYRELL 
  82 female
9 Timothy TYRELL b. 1631, d. bef. 1662

Richmond TERRELL bap. 17 Oct 1624 St. Giles, living 1677 when he signs
the "Blisland Protestations".
1 Richmond TERRELL
2 Timothy TERRELL b.c. 1658 York Co., VA, m. Mar 1686 St. Peter's Par.,
  New Kent Co., VA, Elizabeth  FOSTER b. 1665/1670 New Kent Co., VA, 
  dau. of John FOSTER 
  21 Elizabeth TERRELL b.c. 1685 New Kent Co., m. 20 Apr 1705 Middlesex
     Co., VA, Joseph ANDREWS
  22 Mary TERRELL b. 3 Jan 1688/89 New Kent Co., m. 31 Jul 1711 
     Middlesex Co., John MARSTON
  23 William TERRELL b.c. 1691 New Kent Co.
  24 Mary TERRELL b.c. 1692 New Kent Co.
  25 Timothy TERRELL b.c. 1693 New Kent Co.
  26 Joel TERRELL b.c. 1693 New Kent Co.
  27 Robert TERRELL Sr. b. 19 Sep 1697 New Kent Co., d. bef 23 Mar 1786
     Orange Co., VA, m. Mary FOSTER b.c. 1701 New Kent Co., d. 1783/86,
     dau. of John FOSTER and Ann MOORE.  Will dated 13 Feb 1786, 
     probated 23 Mar 1786
    271 Robert TERRELL Jr. b.c. 1725 New Kent Co., d.c. 1800 Lincoln 
        Co., KY, m.c. 1750 Culpeper Co., VA, Judith TOWLES
    272 Sarah TERRELL b.c. 1725, d. bef 23 Mar 1786, m.     MURRAY
            Lyda MURRAY
            Elizabeth MURRAY
    273 Ann TERRELL b.c. 1727 VA, d. bef 23 Mar 1786, m.    MOORE
           Francis MOORE
           Bernard MOORE 
           Alexander MOORE
           William MOORE
    274 John TERRELL b.c. 1727, d.c. 1803 Madison Co., VA, m. Elizabeth
        Ann TOWLES 
    275 Mary TERRELL b.c. 1729 Orange Co., VA, d. bef. 1789, m.c. 1748 
        Joshua HUDSON b.c. 1727, d. 20 Apr 1801, Amherst Co., VA, son 
        of Rush HUDSON and Sarah Willis WOODS
    276 William TERRELL b. 27 Jun 1735 Culpeper Co., VA, d.c. 1830, m.
        23 Nov 1780 Nancy Ann DANIEL 
    277 Edmund TERRELL b. 23 May 1740 Orange Co., VA m. 26 Nov 1760 
        Margaret "Peggy" WILLIS
    278 Elizabeth TERRELL b.c. 1742 VA, d. bef. 13 Feb 1786 VA, m.c. 
        1762 Reuben RUCKER
         Ephraim RUCKER
         Reuben RUCKER
         Mary RUCKER m.     CREED
         Elizabeth RUCKER m.  HERRING
    279 Jane TERRELL b.c. 1744 VA, m. Joseph BISHOP
    27X Reuben TERRELL b.c. 1745 VA, d.c. 12 Jan 1776 Albemarle Co., 
        VA, m. 14 May 1771 Orange Co., VA, Mildred WALKER
  28 Joseph TERRELL b. 16 Nov 1699 New Kent Co.
3 William TERRELL b.c. 1660, d. aft 3 Apr 1744 St. Paul's Par., Hanover
  Co., VA, m. Susannah WATERS.  The name Waters is trad., not proven. 
  31 William TERRELL Jr. d. bef 8 May 1755 Caroline Co., VA. In 1732 
     William was brought into court for having a child by Rachel 
     JORDAN.  He was excused when he promised to support the child.  
     In 1745 he deeded land to Jeremiah JORDAN.  It has been claimed 
     he married and had a son William, but no confirmation of this has
     been found.
  32 Joel TERRELL d. bef Dec 1758 Hanover Co., VA, m. abt 1717 New Kent
     Co., VA, Sarah Elizabeth OXFORD
     321 dau. TERRELL m. Edward GARLAND
     322 Susannah TERRELL b. 1721 m. Stephen WILLIS
     323 Hannah TERRELL m. Israel BURNLEY
     324 Joel TERRELL b. 1726 m. Anna LEWIS
     325 Richmond TERRELL d. young
     326 Henry TERRELL b.c. 1730 Caroline Co., d. 1798 Pickens Co., SC,
         m(1) Sarah DYER
       3261 Patsy TERRELL m. 17 April 1810
       3262 Henry TERRELL
     326 Henry TERRELL m(2) c. 1769 Anne DABNEY d.aft. 1784 NC, dau. of
         John DABNEY and Anne HARRIS
       3263 Mary TERRELL d. 1782 in her teens.
       3264 Joel TERRELL d. 1797-1813
       3265 Robert Harris TERRELL d.c. 1781
       3266 Edward Garland TERRELL d. 1797 Taunton, VA
       3267 Elizabeth Ann Oxford TERRELL b. 1772 Bedford Co., VA, d. 
            aft. 1860
       3268 John Dabney TERRELL b. 14 Oct 1773 Bedford Co., d. 10 May
       3269 George Washington TERRELL b.c. 1780 VA, d. aft 1850
       326X Ann Dabney TERRELL b. aft 1781, d. bef 1797
       326A William Higgins TERRELL b. 24 May 1784 NC, d. 15 Oct 1857 
            Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, m(1) Cynthia EDDY b. 21 
            Aug 1790, d. 30 May 1844 AL, m(2) Martha CARR
       326B Samuel Davis TERRELL b. Bedford Co., VA
     327 William TERRELL b.c. 1732, m. Frances WINGFIELD
       3271 Peter Buford TERRELL
     328 Elizabeth TERRELL m. Thomas WINGFIELD 
     329 Mary TERRELL m. Isham RICHARDSON
     32X Thomas TERRELL m. Elizabeth GARNETT 
     32A Peter TERRELL m. Mary WINGFIELD
   33 Mary TERRELL m(1) Micajah CHILES b.c. 1705, d. bef 8 Nov 1734
     331 Henry CHILES b.c. 1729, will dated 1756, m. Elizabeth 
         WOOLFOLK, dau. of Joseph WOOLFOLK
       3311 Elizabeth CHILES 
       3312 Mary CHILES b. after father's death, 1734-5
     332 William CHILES m. Sarah BENT
     333 John CHILES d.s.p. 
     334 Micajah CHILES
     335 James CHILES m.  had children
   33 Mary TERRELL m(2) Mathew MILLS will dated 10 Jul 1753, recorded
      9 Aug 1753
     336 William Terrell MILLS
     337 Matthew MILLS 
     338 Charles MILLS
     339 Menan MILLS b.c. 1750
     33X Mary MILLS
     33A Betty MILLS
   34 Anne TERRELL b.c. 1694 New Kent Co., VA, d.c. 1734 Hanover Co., 
      VA, m.c. 1717 New Kent Co., David LEWIS Sr. bap. 5 May 1695 St.
      Peters Par., New Kent Co., VA, d. 1779 Albemarle Co., VA
   35 David TERRELL d. bef 12 Apr 1759 Caroline Co., VA, m. Agatha 
      CHILES d. bef. Nov 1775, dau. of Henry CHILES of St. Paul's Par.,
      Hanover Co.
     351 Davis TERRELL m. Sarah
     352 Henry TERRELL d. unm
     353 Micajah TERRELL m(1) 1754 Sarah LYNCH, m(2) Deborah COFFIN
     354 Pleasant TERRELL m. 1762 Catherine FARISH
     355 Chiles TERRELL m. Margaret (DOUGLAS) MERIWETHER
     356 Christopher TERRELL m. Martha WILSON
     357 Mary TERRELL m. 1755 Robert COBB 
     358 Millicent TERRELL m. 1757 Christopher CLARK
     359 Ann TERRELL
     35X Rachel TERRELL m. 1768 John BURRUSS
     35A Susannah TERRELL m. 1770 William BURUSS
     35B Jonathan TERRELL m. 1776 Margaret HUNNICUTT
   36 Henry TERRELL d. 26 Mar-8 May 1760, m(1) Anne CHILES d. bef. Apr
      1744, sister of Agatha
     361 Henry TERRELL b. 1735, m. Msry TYLER
     362 Thomas TERRELL b. 1736, m. Rebecca PEATROSS
     363 Betty TERRELL b. 1738, m. 1755 Zacheriah MOORMAN
     364 Anne TERRELL b. 1740, m. 1755 Charles LYNCH
   36 Henry TERRELL m(2) 3 May 1744 Sarah WOODSON, dau. of Tarlton  
     365 Ursula TERRELL b. 11 Mar 1746
     366 Charles TERRELL b. 3 Aug 1748, m. Nancy TYLER
     367 Judith TERRELL b. 6 Feb 1750, m. George TYLER 
     368 Abigail TERRELL b. 6 Oct 1751, m. Willian DURRETT
     369 George TERRELL b. 28 Jun 1753, m. Elizabeth TYLER
     36X Tarleton TERRELL b. 19 Nov 1754, d. young
   37 Timothy TERRELL d. bef. Feb 1763 Orange Co., NC, m. Mary MARTIN?
      14 children named in his will but nothing further is known about
      them.  In order thay are:
      Jeremiah, Ruth, Millie, Solomon, Micajah, James, Simon, Moses, 
      Mary, Elizabeth, Keziah, Daniel, Richard and Aaron.
   38 James TERRELL d. bef 1768 Caroline Co., VA, m. Margaret, maybe a
      dau. of John WATKINS as they were awarded a portion of his 
      estate. She d. bef May 1772 when an administrator was appointed 
      for her estate.  No will has survived for them but they are 
      thought to have had these sons: William, Dudley and James.
   39 John TERRELL b. possibly in Hanover Co. and moved to Caroline 
      Co., d. 1780-89 Franklin Co., NC, m. Sarah _____ .  No children
      are known for them.
   39 John TERRELL had three children by Elizabeth HARRISON to whom he
      was not married.  He had to post bastardy bonds for their 
      children guarenteeing they would not become public wards.  
      Tiring of this, they fled to NC in 1738.  There is no info as to
      whether any of the children listed below were b. in Caroline Co.
      The three children that were born in Caroline were bound out to 
      other families for support.  Their names are not known because of
      the loss of Caroline records.  I have no knowledge of what  
      surnames these children used.
     391 Lohamar m. Jacob BLEDSOE
     392 Hezekiah m. Phoebe MARTIN
     393 Jeptha
     394 John m. Susanna DOUGLAS
     395 Ann m. William MARTIN
     396 Agnes m. Robert WASHINGTON (of the Surry Co. WASHINGTONs)
 4 Robert TERRELL b.c. 1662 New Kent Co., VA, m. Mary

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