George PETTIT b. 1775 NC, d. of cancer 7 Apr 1852 Caldwell Co., KY. 
He was the son of Thomas PETTIT and Wife(sic) PETTIT.  He m. 23 
Nov. 1800 Madison Co., KY, Elizabeth GILLESPIE b.c. 1785, dau. of 
William GILLESPIE and Nancy Ann HUDSON, daughter of William HUDSON
and Mary TERRELL. 
 1 Patsy (Martha) PETTIT b.c. 1801, Madison Co., KY d. 30 Jan 1846  
   Trigg Co., KY, m. 24 Mar 1817 Caldwell Co., KY, Miles DUNNING b. 
   3 Jan 1798 Bertie Co., NC, d. 14 Sep 1849 Trigg Co., KY, 
   youngest child of Shadrach DUNNING and Mary BARNES.
   11 George Washington DUNNING b.c. 1825 Caldwell Co., KY, d. 1870  
      Caldwell Co.  He was listed with George PETTIT in the 1850  
      census.  He m(1) 22 Oct 1844 Caldwell Co., Sarah LESTER, 
      m(2) 12 Dec 1853 Caldwell Co., Martha WOODRUFF 
   12 (H)Arlenia Elizabeth DUNNING b. 8 Mar 1828 Caldwell Co., d. 
      20 Jan 1875 Trigg Co., 
      m(1) Jul 1842 Trigg Co. Cader BARNES d.c. 1845-6
      m(2) 31 Jul 1847 Trigg Co., Alexander DUNNING, son of Levi  
      DUNNING, son of Hardimon DUNNING, oldest son of Shadrach 
      DUNNING and Mary BARNES.
   13 Dudley W. DUNNING b. 24 Feb 1830 Caldwell Co., d. 12 Nov 
      1874, Christian Co., KY, m. 27 Sep 1849 Stewart Co., TN, 
      Elizabeth E.DUNNING, dau. of Levi DUNNING and Jennet Moore 
   14 Mary Frances DUNNING b.c. 1832 Caldwell Co., m. 14 Apr 1847 
      Trigg Co., James A. JOHNSON
   15 Elvira A. DUNNING b. 10 Jan 1833 Caldwell Co., m. 20 Jan 1852  
      Caldwell Co., B. F. CANTRELL
   16 Martha M. DUNNING b.c. 1839 Trigg Co., m.c. 1854 W. J. WILSON
 2 Thomas Gillespie PETTIT b. 19 May 1806 Madison Co., KY, d. 22 
   May 1856 Caldwell Co., m. 12 Aug 1830 Mary (Polly) GRAY, d. 22 
   May 1856 Caldwell Co., KY
   21 John PETTIT b. 1835, d. 1862  no children
   22 Lydia Green PETTIT b. 1838, d. 1863  
   23 George William PETTIT b. 1852, d. 1916, m. Elizabeth Roy DUKE 
      d. 1917, dau. of John C. DUKE and Cornelius CRABB 
     231 George William PETTIT Jr.
     232 Susan PETTIT
     233 Shipton PETTIT
     234 Mamie PETTIT
     235 Louise PETTIT
     236 Duke PETTIT m. 1910 Murray, KY Rella COLEMAN, dau. of Dr. 
         J. R. COLEMAN and Jessie McELRATH
       2361 Duke Gillespie PETTIT
       2362 George William PETTIT III b. 12 Mar 1916, d. 27 Dec 
            1966, m. 20 Jun 1940 Mary Grace AKIN
        237  Flora PETTIT
        238  Bolivar PETTIT
        239  Laura PETTIT
        23X  Majorie PETTIT
        23A  Gayle PETTIT
    24 Thomas Gillespie PETTIT b. 1854, d. 1900  no children
  3 female 10 to 16 in 1820 census of Caldwell Co.  She is not in 
    1830 census. Married or deceased?

A Dunning genealogy was published in 1998 and copies are available.

George Pettit - Tax Books of Madison Co., KY 1801-1813
George Pettit - Tax Books of Caldwell Co., KY 1814-1851
Thomas Pettit - Tax Book of Madison Co., KY 1814
Thomas Pettit - Tax Books of Caldwell Co., KY 1815-1816
1820 Census Caldwell Co., KY, p. 44
1830 Census Caldwell Co., KY, p. 156
1840 Census Caldwell Co., KY, p. 7
1850 Census Caldwell Co., KY, p. 350, Family #144
1850 Census Caldwell Co., KY, Slave Schedule, listed 41 male and 
  female slaves by sex and age owned by George Pettit
1852 Caldwell Co., KY, Death Register: George Pettit age 77, born 
  North Carolina, died of cancer 7 April 1852, father was Thomas 
  Pettit, mother was listed as Wife Pettit
Caldwell Co., KY, Deed Bk D, p. 337, 1822
  George Pettit and wife Elizabeth sell a tract of land
Caldwell Co., KY, Deed Bk L, p.5-6, dated 25 Dec 1842 
  George Pettit's deed of gift of slave girls to his granddaughter 
  Orleana Elizabeth Dunning now married to Kader Barnes, and his 
  granddaughter Mary Frances Dunning, children of Miles Dunning and 
  his wife Martha, late Martha Pettit --
George Pettit did not make a will and the court had to divide his 
  estate among his heirs.
Caldwell Co., KY, Deed Bk Q,
  p.330-1, 25 Mar 1853 Thomas G. Pettit, appointed Commissioner in 
  Chancery by the Caldwell Circuit Court Sep 1852 on a petition in 
  the issue of Thomas G. Pettit and other heirs of George Pettit 
  deceased, to sell land and slaves, petition granted, land was 
  sold on the courthouse steps on 15 Nov 1852  - 145 acres to 
  Jesse Lamb
  p. 332-3 25 Mar 1853 [same as above] - two tracts, 28 acres and  
  144 acres to Aaron G. Scott
  p. 340-2 25 Mar 1853 [same as above] - two tracts, 45 acres and  
  18 acres to James Linebough
  p. 355-7 25 Mar 1853 [same as above] - 154 acres to D. M. L.  
  p. 357-9 25 Mar 1853 [same as above] - 86 acres to Norfleet N. 

The above George Pettit b. 1775 has been confused with the 
following family and care must be taken to keep them separate. 
They are not known to be related.

George H. Pettit, who was b.c. 1792 in TN, moved to Caldwell Co., 
KY, about 1835, was in the 1840 Caldwell Co., KY, Census, p. 41, 
moved in 1847 to Lawrence Co., MO, where he was in the 1850 census 
p. 290, Family #306.  George H. Pettit m. Jane Courtney about 1817 
in TN, and had the following children born in Jefferson County, TN:
Elizabeth b. 1818, Jonas b.c. 1821, Perlina b. 1822, Sarah b. 1824, 
Jane Emiline b. 1826, Julia Ann b. 1828, Polly Ann b. 1830, Martha 
Catherine b. 1832; and George W. D. Pettit b.c. 1836 Caldwell Co.,

This family has been well researched by it's descendants, some of 
whom still live in Caldwell County.       

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