1  William BLAKE III b. 1732? Isle of Wight Co., VA,, will dtd 8 Oct  
   1796, recorded 1 Apr 1798, Elbert Co., Ga, Will Bk B, p. 30.  He  
   listed as heirs: wife Lucy, Happy Blake, Lucy Adkins, John Blake,  
   William Blake, Rhoda Rogers, Sarah Hall, Alcy Cook, Patsy Blake,  
   Nancy Blake, Olive Blake
   Apr 1764 Johnston Co., NC  William Blake Jr. listed in names of   
       those to open up a road        
   1767 Johnston Co., NC  William Blake Jr. with others, ordered to lay  
       out a road.
   3 Jun 1774 William Blake Jr. appointed admr. of estate of John Blake  
       Wake Co., NC Will Book 1, p. 39,72, 87
   20 Apr 1783 William Blake and his wife Lucy of Wake Co. to John  
       Pullen of same, a tract of 250 acres, being "land granted by  
       Earl Granville to James McKleroy, by deed of date 27th day of  
       April 1753; and by said McKleroy to William Blake Sr.., by deed  
       bearing date Dec. 30, 1754; and by said William Blake Sr. by  
       deed of gift to his son, said William Blake Jr. etc...".   
       Recorded 29 Sep 1785.  
       Wake Co., NC Deed Book G, p. 65
   20 Apr 1783 William Blake and Lucy his wife, to John Pullen, 250  
       acres on north side of Walnut Creek, land granted by Earl  
       Granville to John Giles Thomas, and by said Thomas to John  
       Blake, and by said John Blake to William Blake Sr. and by said  
       William Blake Sr. to William Blake Jr.   Recorded 30 Sep 1785, 
       Wake Co., NC Deed Book G, p. 70    
     He was a Sgt. in Ralston's Co., 1st Regt. commanded by Col. Thomas  
     Clark, NC Continental Line.  For his services of 84 months, he was  
     issued Warrant #1873, dated 25 Jun 1785 for 1000 acres located in  
     Sumner Co., TN.  Survey completed 26 Apr 1798 but he having died,  
     the right to entry fell to his heirs.  On the back John Blake,  
     heir of William Blake, assigned his right of this entry to Thomas  
   1785 Tax List Wilkes Co., GA
          William Blake 847 acres, 10 slaves, 6 poles
   26 Dec 1789  George Martin and Elizabeth his wife to Joseph Bell,  
      all of Wilkes Co., 579 acres, adj. to William Blake
      GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book A, p. 39
   20 Oct 1794  Jesse Baker & Susannah his wife to William Blake, all  
      of Elbert Co., for 5 L,2 acres, being part of a tract Baker lives  
      on, adj. where Blake's upper line crosses Falling Creek, up creek  
      on N. side
      Wit: M. Woods, J.P.                        Jesse X Baker  seal
      GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book A, p. 153
   7 Feb 1795  James Mitchell, Jane Mitchell & Martha Mitchell to James  
      Brady, all of Elbert Co., 200 acres on Falling Creek waters,  
      being part of survey orig. granted to John mobley 26 Apr 1788,  
      adj. Wm. Blake Sr., Wm. Blake Jr. and part of sd. survey.  Regd.  
      18 Apr 1798
      GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book E, p. 37
   22 Mar 1796  William Blake Sr. to Allen Mobley, both of Elbert Co.,  
      for 100 L, in sd. co. on N. side of Falling Creek, adj. Martin,  
      on & up creek to mouth of branch, on road, to Barnett, 125 acres                                  
                                                       William X Blake
      Wit: William Mobley, Happy x Blake               Lucey X Blake
   4 May 1796 ackn by William Blake & Lucy his wife, before James Bell,  
       J.P., Joseph Huddleston.
       Regd. 16 Oct 1797
       GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book D, p. 97
   5 May 1796  William Blake Sr., of Elbert Co., GA, being indebted to  
       the orphans of William Mobley of NC decd., do agree with sd.  
       orphans, Allen Mobley, Joseph Huddleston & Sally, his wife,  
       Thomas Jones & Gilley, his wife, William Mobley & Stephen  
       Mobley, the heirs of William Mobley, decd., for a clear  
       discharge from them to me, on acct. of all claims or demands  
       they now have agst. me on acct. of estate of the decd., do  
       confirm to them, at or after death & not before, 3 negros, Moll,  
       Joe & Fan, & 1/2 fo a negro woman named Sue, at the end of 15  
       yrs. from now if my present wife be decd., but if she be living  
       not till after her death & my own, but her increase I reserve to  
       myself until the 15 yrs. is expired, on condition my wife &  
       myself should depart this life before the 15 yrs. I confirm to  
       the heirs of sd. Mobley, decd. 1/2 of the hire of Sue, 5 May  
       1796.                                          William x Blake
       Test: James Bell, Peter Barnett  Regd. 16 Oct 1797.
       GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book D, p. 98
    4 Oct 1796  William Blake Ser. to James Rogers, both of Elbert Co.,  
       2 negroes, named Fillis & Isac, for $100
       Wit: Peleg Rogers, William Mobley      William X Blake   seal
       GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book C, p. 143
    6 Nov 1797  William Blake & Lucy his wife, to Samuel Clarke, all of  
      Elbert Co., for $77, 38 1/2 acres on S. side of Falling Creek,  
      adj. Baker, C. Clarke, bank of creek, up creek    William x Blake
      Wit: Wm. Barnett, Micajah Clark 
      Regd. 2 Apr 1798                                  Lucy x Blake
      GA, Elbert Co., Deed Book E, p. 24     

There is no proof that several of these children are placed with the
correct mother.  For them we have only names from his will and no birth
William Blake
   m(1) unknown
     1  Lucy BLAKE m.      ADKINS
     2  Happy BLAKE
     3  John BLAKE b. 3 Mar 1766 [see below]
     4  Alcy BLAKE b. 1769 NC, d. 16 Mar 1839, m. John COOK
     5  Sarah BLAKE b. 13 Mar 1770 NC, d. 24 Jun 1848 Jackson Co., GA.,  
        m(1) 1789 William HALL b. 7 Jul 1766, d. 1809 Elbert Co., GA.
         1 Polly HALL b. 1790
         2 Blake HALL b. 13 Sep 1792, d. by 19 Sep 1836 Habersham Co.,  
           GA, m. 13 Sep 1819 Habersham Co., GA, Elizabeth PRESNELL
         3 Alcy HALL b. 1794
         4 John Pryor HALL b. 1797, d. 1838, m. 12 Apr 1827 Mariah  
           Louisa TURMON b. 1808, d. 1881
         5 Samuel HALL b. 1799
         6 Thomas HALL b. 1801, m. 1828 Nancy LORIMORE
         7 Seales HALL b. 1803, d. 1825 Elbert Co., GA
         8 Simeon HALL b. 1805, d. 1859, m(1) 1828 Lucy STINCHCOMB,  
           m(2) Susan BROWN
      6  William BLAKE b.c. 1770 Wake Co., NC, d. 7 Dec 1840 Hall Co.,  
         GA, m. 8 Oct 1796 Jackson Co., GA, Mary ROGERS d. Jul 1830  
         Hall Co., GA.
         1 John BLAKE d. 3 Jul 1854 DeKalb Co., GA, m. Mary
         2 Thomas BLAKE b. 1 Jan 1800 Jackson Co., GA, d. 31 Oct 1880,  
           bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL, m. 2 Oct 1823 Hall Co., GA,  
           Delany YOUNG b. 20 Mar 1807 Hall Co., GA, d. 25 Jan 1895,  
           bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL, dau. of Robert YOUNG and Celia  
           21  Young BLAKE b. 1824, d. 1826
           22  John BLAKE b. 11 Jun 1826 Hall Co., GA, d. 5 Apr 1885  
               Old Oxford, Randolph Co., AL, m. 15 Jul 1852  
               Marietta J. HEFLIN b. 25 Sep 1836, d. 2 Mar 1876
              221  John Thomas BLAKE b. 4 Jun 1854, d. 23 May 1855
              222  Wyatt Heflin BLAKE b. 21 Jun 1856, d. 9 Jul 1933, m.  
                   1885 Roanoke, AL, Martha Frances SHAFFER
              223  son b.-d. 11 Oct 1858
              224  Young BLAKE b. 10 Jun 1860, d. 14 Jul 1926, m. 17  
                   Jan 1884 Randolph co., AL, Carrie PATE 
              225, 226  twin girls b. 27 Apr- d. 28 Apr 1863
              227  Henry Wilson BLAKE b. 2 Jul 1864, d. 28 Dec 1924
              228  Stell BLAKE b. 5 Oct 1867, d. 21 Aug 1933, m. 1899  
                   Exa STRICKLEN b. 19 Oct 1878 heflin, AL, d. 20  
                   Dec 1939 Tuscumbia, AL
              229  Marietta Saphronia BLAKE b. 19 Dec 1869, d. 21 Sep  
              22X  Rodgers Malone BLAKE b. Sep 1872
            23  Robert BLAKE b. 5 Sep 1828 Carroll Co., GA,, d. 1833  
                Carroll Co., GA
            24  Nancy BLAKE b. 18 Jun 1830 Randolph Co., AL, d. 14 Oct  
                1920 Heard Co., GA, m. 13 Nov 1847 W. Thomas WOOD
              241  Winston WOOD
              242  John WOOD
              243  Wyatt WOOD
              244  Frank WOOD b. 6 Apr 1873, m(1) Lola PITTMAN, m(2)  
                   Ressie SWAFFORD 
            25  Henry BLAKE b. 5 May 1832 Randolph Co., AL, d. 21 Sep  
                1891 Randolph Co., AL, m. 1851 Sara Jane JOHNSON d. 25  
                Aug 1883
            26  Richard BLAKE b. 8 Jun 1834 Randolph Co., AL, d. 5 Jul  
                1862 in Battle of Natchex, MS, m. 1 Nov 1855 Mary  
                LIGON bur. Ligon Cem., Riddles Bridge, Tallapoosa Co.,  
            27  William BLAKE b. 10 Sep 1836 Randolph Co., AL, d. 20  
                Oct 1863 in Battle of Chicamaga, bur. Blake Cem.,  
                Heflin, AL, m. 25 Aug 1859 Mary E. CAMP
            28  Celia BLAKE b. 1 Dec 1838 Randolph Co., AL, d. 5 May  
                1927 Oxford, Calhoun Co., AL, bur. Woodlawn, AL,  
                m(1) 17 Aug 1854, Henry HOWLE d. 5 Jul 1862 Confederate  
                Army, m(2) John HILTON
            29  Mora BLAKE b. 1 Feb 1841 Randolph Co., AL, d. 7 Mar  
                1916, m. 7 Jan 1857 Randolph Co., AL, Samuel W.  
                HARLAN b. 1827, d. 1884
            2X  Gatsey BLAKE b. 2 Apr 1843 Randolph Co., AL, d. 10 Oct  
                1910 Cleburne Co., AL m. W. SEARS b. 30 May 1830, d. 7  
                Dec 1925.  Both bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL.
            2A  Thomas A. BLAKE b. 27 Nov 1845 Randolph Co., AL, d. 8  
                May 1864, bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL, on furlough in  
                Civil War
            2B  George W. BLAKE b. 6 Apr 1848 Randolph Co., AL, d. 15  
                Sep 1922 Winston Co., AL, m. 25 Dec 1869 Cleburne Co.,  
                AL, Rachel Ann HOWLE
            2C  Isaac BLAKE b. 16 Oct 1850 Randolph Co., AL, d. 28 Aug  
                1911 bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL, m. 12 Jul 1877  
                Mattie DORMAN b. 31 Jul 1859 Heard Co., GA, d. 22 Jan  
         3 William BLAKE b. 5 Aug 1804 Jackson Co., GA,  d. 2 Jun 1890  
           bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL,  m. Jane ARMSTRONG d. 9 Jul  
           1884, bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL.
           31  J. Henry BLAKE b. 17 Jun 1847 Randolph Co., AL, d. 7 Mar  
               1899, bur. Blake Cem., Heflin, AL, m. S. E. M.  
               b. 16 Aug 1846, d. 15 May 1888, bur. Blake Cem., Heflin
             311  Mitchell BLAKE m(1)   DENSON, m(2)  McMAHON
               3111  Lila BLAKE
             312  John BLAKE
             313  Thomas BLAKE
           32  Thomas BLAKE Jr.
           33  Allen BLAKE b. 8 Sep 1842 Randolph Co., AL, d. 28 Nov  
               1894, bur. Blake Cem., Heflin  
         4 Rhoda BLAKE m(1) Thomas CARROLL, 
           41  James C. CARROLL
           42  William CARROLL
         4  Rhoda BLAKE m(2)   TANNER, m(3) by Jan 1863
         5 Allen BLAKE b. 1806 d. 14 Nov 1859, m. Luzany Gadsey YOUNG,  
           sister of Delany, b. 8 Jan 1815 Hall Co., GA, d. 13 Nov  
           1857.  Both bur. in Young Cem., Flowery Branch, GA.  No  
         6 Henry W. b. 1 Feb 1818 Elbert Co., GA, d. 17 Dec 1873 Hall  
           Co., GA. (mem. GA Confederate Legis. 1861-4) m(1) 9 Jan 1840  
           Levina CHAMBLEE, m(2) Christina A. BURRESS   d. about 20 Mar  
           1902 Hall Co., GA.  No children.
         7 Charlotte m. William Gilmer
         8 Mary BLAKE m(1) 31 Dec 1829 Jackson Co., GA, Seaborn PALMER,  
           m(2) aft 1840  STEWART
           81  John PALMER  
     7  Nancy BLAKE b. NC m. 13 Nov 1793 Wilkes Co., GA, Joachin HUDSON  
        (2) 23 May 1780 Wake Co., NC, a widow Lucy (ALLEN) MOBLEY, d.  
        28 Jun 1841 Troupe Co., GA, age 91, bur. Emannus Church Cem.,  
        nr. Hogansville, GA. [Original marriage licence in NC Archives  
        in Raleigh.]
     8  Rhoda BLAKE b.c. 1781 Wake Co., NC, d. aft 20 Mar 1834 Jackson  
        Co., GA,, m. James ROGERS d. 1818
        81  Blake ROGERS
        82  James ROGERS
        83  Rhoda ROGERS, m.  ROUDEN
        84  Mary B. ROGERS m.  POTTS 
        85  Theophilus ROGERS 
     9  Patsy BLAKE
   10  Olive BLAKE b. 10 Nov 1794, Elbert Co., GA, d. 1 Jun 1857?, m. 5  
       Feb 1815 Jasper Co., GA, Joseph McLENDON Jr. b. Jun 1751, d. Aug  
       1837 Coweta Co., GA.
       1 Jonathan Jackson McCLINDON b. 24 Aug 1824, m. Sarah Jane KIRBY
       2 Nancy T. McCLINDON b. 1828
       3 Elizabeth C. McCLINDON b. 1831
       4 Cinthia McCLINDON b. 1833
       5 Joseph McCLINDON b. 1835
    11  Joseph BLAKE   

3 John BLAKE b. 5 Mar 1766 [t.s. in Bibb Co.] Johnston Co., NC, d. 11  
  Dec 1836 [t.s.] Bibb Co., AL, bur. Blake-Thompson Cem, Bibb Co., AL,  
  m.c. 1789 Wilkes Co., GA, Martha MOON b.c. 1772, d. aft. 1837 Bicc  
  Co., AL, dau. of William MOON and Sarah RICHARDSON of Elbert Co., GA.   
  [John's birth place is based on his father being listed in the  
  Johnston Co. road orders of 1764 and 1767.  I photographed his  
  tombstone in July 1967.  By Sept. 1967, the tombstone had been stolen  
  from the little cemetery in the forest.]
  1 Elizabeth BLAKE was b.c. 1790 in SC? (1850 Census Bibb Co.), d. 26  
    Aug 1863 Bibb Co., bur. Rock Hill Church Cem., Bibb Co., m. bond  
    and license dated 10 Jul 1819 Cahawba Co., AL Terr., returned 11  
    Jul, marriage performed by John Blake J. P., as the second wife of  
    HARDY JOHNSON Sr. b.c. 1780, d. between 1840 and 1850.  
    11 Sarah Jane JOHNSON b.c. 1822 Bibb Co., d. 1853-58 Chicot Co.,  
       AR, m. 28 Feb 1840 Bibb Co., Isaac McILROY b.c. 1814 TN, lived  
       in Chicot Co., AR in 1860.  He is not in the 1870 Census of  
       Chicot Co.
      111  James (B) or (R) McILROY b. c. 1845 AR
      112  Louisa McILROY b. c. 1851 AR
      113  Francis McILROY b. c. 1853 AR
    12  Emiline (Emily) JOHNSON b.c. 1824 Bibb Co., lived in MS in  
        1872, m. 2 Nov 1842 Bibb Co., John Ellington JONES b.c. 1822  
      121  Elizabeth JONES b. c. 1844 Bibb Co., AL
      122  John D. JONES b. c. 1847 Bibb Co., AL
      123  Emily J. JONES b. c. 1848 Bibb Co., AL
      124  Amanda Paralee JONES b. 16 Dec 1849 Bibb Co., d. 22 Sep 1919  
           Grimes Co., TX, m. 8 Jul 1866 Louderdale Co., MS Martin  
           Luther JAMES b. Aug 1845 Choctaw Co., AL, d. 19 Jun 1918  
           Iola, Grimes Co., TX, bur. Concord Cem., Civil War veteran.
      125  Mary Ann JONES b. 2 May 1852 Bibb Co., d. 19 Mar 1914  
           Munday, Knox Co., TX, m. Joseph Isom DAVIS b. 10 Jan 1858  
           GA, d. 3 Feb 1949 Munday
      126  Martha JONES b. 1854 Bibb Co.
      127  William Hardy (Newton) JONES b. 1857 Bibb Co., d. Nov 1931,  
           m. Laura Madella WALKER.
      128  Rosanna JONES b. Aug 1859 Bibb Co.                                     
 2  Mary (Poll7y) BLAKE b.c. 1791-2 Elbert Co., GA, d. bef. Dec 1836  
    Bibb Co., AL, m(1) before 1813 Elbert Co., GA, Penuel WOOD d. 1824  
    Bibb Co., AL.
    21  Martha (Patsy) WOOD m. 1829-1836 Samuel JONES.
    22  Bennett B. WOOD b. c. 1813 GA, m. c. 1836 Margarett _____ b. c.  
        1825 NC.  In 1850 they were in the Autauga Co., AL census and  
        in 1860 they were in the Pontotoc Co., MS census.  They were  
        not in Pontotoc in 1870.  From the deeds, I think we can tell  
        when he came and left the Co.  
      221  Rachael WOOD b. c. 1837 AL
      222  Penuel WOOD b. c. 1840 AL
      223  Wm. H. H. WOOD b. c. 1842 AL
      224  John H. WOOD b. c. 1843 AL
      225  Thomas WOOD b. c. 1845 AL                                            
      226  Margaret WOOD b. Apr 1850 AL
      227  Benjamin WOOD b. c. 1851 AL
      228  Edmund WOOD b. c. 1852 AL
      229  Peter WOOD b. c. 1855 AL
    23  John WOOD  
    24  Happy WOOD
    25  Phoebe WOOD   Not listed in John Blake Sr's estate settlement.   
        Probably died before 1837.
    26  Elizabeth Ann WOOD  
   Polly m(2) 30 Aug 1827 Bibb Co., John WILSON.  They had at least two  
   children as these two girls named Wilson are listed as heirs in John  
   Blake's estate records.
2  Mary (Polly) BLAKE m(2) 30 Aug 1827 Bibb Co., AL, John WILSON, as  
   his 2nd wife, Marr. Book A & B, p. 158. 
   27  Margaret WILSON b. before 1836 (could be as early as 1828-9, as  
       her parents were m. in 1827).  A possibility for her is the  
       Margaret P. WILSON who was issued a marriage licence on 7 Jul  
       1846, ret. 16 Jul to marry Samuel H. COX.   
       Their 1850 Census record, Fam. #768, shows her as being 25 and  
       so b. two years before John WILSON and Polly BLAKE marry.  Still  
       there could be a census error and she would not be that old.   
       This is getting somewhat far removed from the Blakes.  I will  
       let someone interested in COX and WILSON solve this.
   28  Mary WILSON b. 3 Feb 1837 (tombstone date) Bibb Co., d. 13 Feb  
       1924 Bibb Co., bur. Antioch Cem., Six Mile.  She was listed on  
       10 Feb 1837 as an heir of John Blake Sr. when papers were filed  
       to settle his esate.   She was listed in the 1850 Census with  
       the family of Stephen JOHNSON, #1022 as 14 years old.  Elizabeth  
       [BLAKE] JOHNSON (Stephen's step-mother) was next door as family  
       #1023.  Stephen was under 2 years old when his father m.  
       Elizabeth Blake, a sister of Polly (BLAKE) WOOD WILSON, her  
       mother.  Stephen and Mary were step-cousins.  On 5 Jun 1853 Mary  
       WILSON and Joab LANGSTON married with the consent of O.   
       LANGSTON and Stephen JOHNSON.   
       Mar.  Book E, p. 65, Bibb Co.  Obediah LANGSTON was his father.   
       Ref.  Echos of Six Mile, compiled by Fern LANGSTON, (1981).    
       Joab Marion LANGSTON b. 16 Jun 1833 Bibb Co., d. 15 Sep 1900  
       bur. Antioch Cem.  He was a Missionary Baptist Preacher,  
       licensed to preach in 1865 and ordained in 1866.

[Continued in Part 3]

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