Ornate 'G'reetings, Webhopper, and welcome to my new website!


You have several choices available to you:

First, there's quite a bit of graphics and the like. My main site gives detailed and illustrated insights into my books. There's pictures, music, and even frames. You'll need to have inline graphics and music enabled in your browser, and you should enable frames.

Lastly, all the images, text and music on this website are copyrighted. That means you may not use anything on this website for your own webpages without express written permission. For the most part, all the music is mine, and most (but not all) of the images are mine. Those that aren't mine I have recieved permission from the copyright holder to use, and in some cases I am paying a royalty fee. Please don't steal from me, I won't like it. Also, please do not link to any image or MIDI file on these pages. It's called 'crossloading', and it's a very bad thing. Link to my pages, not my graphics or my music. If you can't agree to that, if you're the kind of person who thinks that copyright is morally wrong and you should be allowed to do anything you wish, click here.

Alright - now that you've read all the above, if you're still interested in exploring, click









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